Will Wright Hints at the Idea of Spore Coming to the Next-Gen Consoles

While having a discussion with the Associated Press, Will Wright hinted at the possibility of seeing his god-game, Spore being made for the next-generation consoles. Although, if it does happen it won't be an exact port of the PC version, much like what he did with the Sims series for the PS2, Gamecube, and Xbox a few years back...

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Tobias1233732d ago

I really hope this is true, so as many people get to experience this man's genius as possible.

Mc Fadge3732d ago

Due to content creation policy? Why is the policy in place by the way, to stop explicit content being uploaded?

Fishy Fingers3732d ago

I thought console versions where already confirmed, platforms no, but that their in production yes.

Am I incorrect, was that only a rumour?

Mc Fadge3732d ago

That Will wanted to make something for the Wii. Then something about next-gen consoles (360 and PS3) but it couldn't go to 360 due to content creation restrictions? (a la UT3, N+, etc)