The Best PS4 Camera Games

PS4Home explores the best PS4 camera games to play now and future releases.

dennigo2972d ago

i have a ps4 camera, my son loves the playroom but these article is just plain wrong these aren't the best games, these are the ONLY games to use the camera, they Forgot the only good game, tearaway unfolded and they forgot the move game blue estate.
very bad article anyway.


The 10 best PlayStation VR games we've seen so far

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10 Worst PlayStation 4 Games So Far

The following list contains the worst games the PS4 currently has to offer. Some of these games are genuinely awful from start to end, some would be acceptable were it not for different technical issues that really make these games nearly unplayable. Sony fans take this note; you will want to stay as far away from the following games as possible.

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PixelGateUk3005d ago

Playroom? it's free. That's a bit of a cheap choice :P

iDadio3004d ago

The whole list is clickbait nonsense, Driveclub had its problems sure but it is a far cry away from being one of the worst PS4 games available. It seems like a hater list based on what is/has been popular to criticise.

PhoenixUp3005d ago

Of the decade? PS4 isn't even 3 years old yet.

Why not just list some of the worst games of the decade on EVERY platform?

sammarshall1023005d ago

I agree with Knack, The Order and Godzilla

xfiles20993005d ago

Besides being Short I liked The Order most of the games on this list I liked This is a pure hate article

Playable_Gamez3000d ago

And you don't have hatred for the Xbox One?

xfiles20993000d ago

If I hated the Xbone I would not of bought one

Playable_Gamez3000d ago

Most of your comments I have seen sum up to be Xbox sucks PS rules for the most part.

xfiles20993000d ago

Well to be honest compared to the PS4 it does suck and compared to the PC they both suck.

Playable_Gamez3000d ago

To be honest, I get just about the same experience on both platforms.

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gangsta_red3005d ago

Wow, never even heard of Hardware: Rivals.

I'm going to go ahead and crown The Order: 1886 as the Batman v Superman of the video game industry.

kraenk123004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

Batman vs Superman...the movie most people actually liked but critics hated..a fitting choice!

gangsta_red3004d ago

More like most people including the critics hated but fanboys defend to the death...most definitely a fitting choice.

kraenk123004d ago

You can hate all you want but the vast majority on Metacriric liked the movie. And you know how metacritic works...the haters usually are the ones screaming the loudest.

gangsta_red3004d ago

Comic fanboys are a whole different breed.

But when you have critics and fans in unison panning it and talking about the same flaws as others saw for instance in The Order then there is definite truth to be told, not hate.

jb2273004d ago

I haven't seen it yet personally as I really can't stand Snyder & I think he's great at translating visuals from page to screen but pretty awful at translating characters & stories. Have you seen it? I know you are a big Superman fan...I know a lot of the fans are loving it but I think that is mostly down to just seeing the trinity on screen for the first time, and once the honeymoon period is over a few of those folks may change their tune.

gangsta_red3004d ago

I could seriously rant a whole page on what was wrong with that movie scene by scene. I did in the Filmwatch site, but I dropped a few spoilers over there.

jb2273004d ago


I may have to run that down & see what you've got to say about it. I made the mistake of hitting a list for the movie on Whatculture & they straight up spoiled the ending w/o including any kind of spoiler tag, so between that and the ridiculous amount revealed in the trailers themselves, I'm pretty sure I know every beat of the film already. Movie studios need to get smarter about editing, both in the movies themselves (I've heard that BvS had many issues in that regard) & the trailers revealing everything.

I'm still gonna give it a shot at the cinemas but my expectations aren't too high...


I take back drive club and the order and give you the worst p4 title of all time duck dinasty and might not be playing the room but my kids love that game maybe u don't play it but others do