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Let there be no doubt: Littlebigplanet is going to make waves. There's simply too much hype, too much debate, too much raw potential for this game to be anything other than one of the major gaming events of 2008. If all goes to plan, then this will be the start of the brand new franchise the PS3 owners have been waiting for; if the final release turns out to be another Lair, the resulting furore will be brutal.

To be honest, the chances of the latter possibility seem slim to non-existent. The sheer level of customisation that Media Molecule is opening up to players is nothing short of astounding, something that was reaffirmed in our recent encounter with the game in Leipzig last week. And while Sony was keen to assert the pleasures that LittleBigPlanet will hold for hermetic single-player types - it's still immediately apparent that the major boon will be the ability to share online the content you create. LBP is a like a big box of Lego, and opening that box to the rest of the world will ultimately let you play with toys that you would have never thought to make.

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Denges3705d ago

yet oct feels so far away

PimpHandStrong3705d ago

but thats ok

I need to save up some money for that month!

3games in one month is asking alot

Bio Shock

i might push LBP to my backlog but its at the top of the list of backburner games!