Avid Gamer Review - Hellboy: The Science of Evil

Avid Gamer writes:

"We're getting tired of movie games purely because of the repetition in our writing. How many times can you read "poor execution, shoddy controls, repetitive combat, simple game mechanics," and actually consider it a fresh review? Probably the same amount of times we can write such comments; once too many. The latest blockbuster due the movie treatment is Konami's Hellboy: The Science of Evil. As if Metal Gear Solid 4 failed to financially return. Movie games are traditionally handed to upcoming developer studios to balance the books, get some experience and ground the studio in the industry. They sell well, play average and critique abysmal. Krome are the creative minds behind the game and with titles along the lines of Star Wars: The Clone Wars (due on Wii Christmas 08), King Arthur (a canned title) and TY the Tasmanian Tiger 1, 2 and 3 it's not looking that promising. Even so, it's time to jump in to the Nazi ridden, undead infested world that is Hellboy and discover whether it's hell on earth or a scientific breakthrough."

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