Warhawk Update v1.50 is now Available for Download

The patch comes in at 66MB and adds features such as trophy support and in-game music.

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Pain3706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

Runs down stairs to dl and play Warhawk!!!

i REALLY Hope i Get my GGL BIG A$$ KNIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LSDARBY3706d ago

W00T, but when are the servers back up?

CrazyMystical3706d ago

it's about time they put in that training option because its fun schooling nubs but more satisfying schooling experience players.

BTW training option = 3 EZ trophy's =)

gaffyh3706d ago

The training gives you 3 easy trophies, but all the rest look extremely difficult (if not impossible to get).

Homicide3706d ago

Downloaded and got those 3 training trophies. Can't wait to pwn people online and get me more trophies.

bpac1234567893706d ago

this was one of my most anticipated updates of the year.

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thereapersson3706d ago

Looks like a good update overall. I love how they keep pumping support into this title.

kharma453706d ago

I've already got the Fallen Star download pack too, had it since last night :)

Fishy Fingers3706d ago

As Warhawk is tied into your PSN ID I guess the Trophies will be retro active? Be interesting to see how many I've already qualified for.

Wish every game saw as much support as Warhawk.

kharma453706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

I just got the Ground Pounder trophy :) Got it in the training section of the game!

PirateThom3706d ago

Some are tied to your account, most require other things to now be done, so if you've done some of the trophy worthy things they'll unlock right away.

Panthers3706d ago

The trophies having to do with rank are retroactive since you cant do them again.

Andras843706d ago

I just checked the trophies and they are not retroactive!!!

I got 0 trophies and I'm a Chief Sargent

PirateThom3706d ago

The servers are down, it probably won't work until you log in online.

Kleptic3706d ago

yeah Jobe confirmed that the rank and some special trophies are retroactive...and 'the first time you login into Warhawk' you will get your trophies...if the server is down, that is why you haven't be awarded them yet...

but some are not retroactive, even if it is something you already did...check the official forums through the to get the complete list...its detailed in there...

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