The Division Dev: A Lot Is Going On in Update 1.2, We Know It's the Last Chance To Entice Players

A developer on The Division confirmed that a lot is going on with Update 1.2, with the developers aware that it's their last chance to entice players.

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Imp0ssibl3901d ago

I like the game a lot, so I'm choosing to stay hopeful. Just about to crack Falcon Lost

hardcorehenry901d ago

gah still trying here. Was close the other day. Need a better team...

I'm still playing too and loving it. Hopefully not too much going on in 1.2.... dont want the whole thing to fall apart.

fatneal901d ago

i need a gear score is only 154 tho...heres my psn: elsewherebeats

900d ago
devilisdue901d ago

The falcon lost on hard is not that hard once you figure out the pattern

thekhurg901d ago

The difficulty is in how boring it is at 15 waves.

rebeljoe14901d ago

there's an area in the middle of the room that you get hide under and just kill ads until the bombs come

BEASELY900d ago

I will help all of you guys, cleared it around 12 times or so, first try every time. Add this confusing GT - Z_-_D_-_3.

Everybody shoot me a request and I'll round you all up in one shot.

Jaywilda9900d ago

hey man add me PSN: and friends tried it the other day we need some help LOL

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Phil32901d ago

I can only imagine the pressure the devs are facing.

Alexious901d ago

Just consider that it was the most successful new IP launch in the history of gaming, beating even Destiny.

Spenok901d ago

Apparently someone doesn't agree with the facts lol.

objdadon901d ago

It was ubisoft's most successful new IP, not in the history of gaming. People always taking things out of context. And even if it did sell more than destiny, the real question is can it continue to retain it's player base the way destiny has.

Unspoken901d ago

If that is the case then more development time should have been spent on game breaking exploits and bugs. I wouldn't call that successful in the least.

wakeNbake901d ago

Only because Destiny released with not even half the current install base. Im sure Destiny 2 will crush The Division in sales.

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Garethvk901d ago

I am still finding time to complete it.

Imp0ssibl3901d ago

It's a pretty big game and they only have part of Manhattan, so there's a lot of room for growth

Garethvk899d ago

I am stuck in that department store.

KaiPow901d ago

I'm still deliberating on picking this one up when I have free time, so I'll wait to see how this patch works out.

matgrowcott901d ago

Same. This was always going to be low priority for a lot of people for a whole host of reasons.

The enticement stage should have been months ago.

Alexious901d ago

It's alright. Online games are designed to last years, so it's fine to wait some time until the first issues are ironed out.

Unspoken901d ago

If you dont have free time, this game is great for casuals because of the lack of content and balancing. You'll be limited to the bugs playing single player or Co op, and once you get to the end game material and pvp, they may have ironed it out.

Pongwater901d ago

It's not the last chance to entice players, though some will lose interest faster than others and trade it in toward something else. Any new DLC or significant update will be a chance to entice players.

Alexious901d ago

That's true, much like WoW expansions still bring back lots of gamers. Nostalgia is a powerful thing.

MRMagoo123901d ago

then they all leave again in a few months

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