New Action-RPG announced: Kizuna

Two new Famitsu scans show the new game Kizuna. Game will be an action RPG that will be released Winter of 2008

- Main Character name is Lian
- There's a king call Jared and a princess call Aina
- Game's graphic will have a pencil effect to them
- More than 100 quests
- Accumulated gauge techniques can be used.
- Huge bosses, find the weak point by pointing the Wii remote on screen (Shadow of the Colossus?)
- Scenario: Miwa Shouda (FFXII, Saga Frontier, Little King's Story)
- Director/Programmer: Youichi Kawaguchi (DQVIII, Little King's Story)

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Prismo_Fillusion3757d ago

Sounds awesome. I need some more PSWii RPG lovin'.

Ashta3757d ago

Is this just a Wii title? or does it have a PS2 type of release along with it?

If it's just a Wii title that's such a waste.

Odiah3757d ago

I hate stupid dumbed downed games realeased also on the PS2.

It would be a waste in my eyes if it was released on PS2.

Voiceofreason3757d ago

Wow that was really dumb..Yeah put it out on PS2 so it cannot reach its full potential on Wii. I dont want to see a next gen game get held back by a extrmely weak 233 mhz processor. I had enough of that last gen.

Ashta3757d ago

Wow, you guys actually think the Wii is some sort of next-gen console. Shocking.

ChickeyCantor3757d ago

How is it a waste if the Wii has much more to offer?

The horrible part about your second comment is that you (from what i understand) tell us that you think it's not a "next-gen" console and therefor it does not deserve a game like this.
Yet you rather have it on the PS2?

Your logic is an extreme-major-failure on a richter scale of 100.

I suggest you just stop posting because when it comes to logic you just fail.

Odiah3757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

Ashta darling, do you even understand the concept of generations when applied to videogames?

cooke153757d ago

No one wants the game dumbed down for ps2.

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TheColbertinator3757d ago

Since the scenario director is from the man who worked on FFXII,this game might take around 60-80 hours to complete everything

qface643757d ago

not to mention the director the dragon quest 8 director if im not mistaken and that game was about 100 hours :]

kevnb3757d ago

they really needed one too

Voiceofreason3757d ago

I'll never understand why the people that make the most bias comments have so many bubbles.Yeah Wii doesnt have a single good game.Thats why it sales more games than PS3 ever dreamed of.

qface643757d ago

a new rpg is always welcomed by me this one looks pretty good ill be looking forward to seeing more

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