Xbox 360 LAN Coming Soon

LAN parties have been around for some time, allowing home PC gamers to meet up with their fellow online team mates for the first time to battle it out against other online teams under the same roof.

The events have become even popular amongst PC gamers over the years and now there's a good selection of multiplayer games available on the Xbox 360 this gives console gamers the same experience for the first time ever.

Xbox 360 LAN hits the UK in March 2007 in a small town called Whitchurch in Hampshire. The event will be a 48 hour non-stop gaming event which will consist of gameplay across a local area network (LAN) with tournaments for Halo 2, Call of Duty 3, Rainbow Six Vegas and more. Also everyone taking part in the tournament has the chance to win cash or xbox 360 games in the final.

The price for the event will be £20 per participant and if you do come to the event, you will be required to bring your own xbox and display plus games. Xbox 360 LAN organisers will be organising the network so when you arrive you can just plug-and-play!

More details are on the official website for the event at and you will find details on how to book for the event plus additional information in the coming weeks.

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benny o klaatt5443d ago

is a great thing for sure, lan parties for the pc have been successful, anyone who lives in the area should sign up straight away. whats 20 quid for two days worth of xbox partying. wish i lived a bit closer
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