Source: "Brand new" Rockstar IP "may never see light of day"

Speaking under conditions of strict anonymity to VG247 this morning, a source close to the matter has said that Rockstar North is working on a "brand new IP."

Cryptically, the spy added: "It's not 100 percent sure it'll ever see light of day, anyway."

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thereapersson3756d ago

The article clearly states that they do not know whether or not it is the (as of yet) unannounced PS3 exclusive title or if it's another new IP they came up with.

Fishy Fingers3756d ago (Edited 3756d ago )

Right.... If I want pure speculation and zero substance I'll read my Star Signs.

"some game you guys dont know about might not make the light of day", surely that can be said for any game that hasnt been confirmed?

beavis4play3756d ago

source is nameless; game is nameless; and it may never be completed (or even announced?). how is this drivel even worth reading. there is no point of reference for anything.

kosha3756d ago

Lol yeah star signs are aload of rubbish aren't they

SickNick853756d ago

the new IP exist and it's exclusive to ps3...R* and Sony have a contract and Reeves say that 2 years ago...

bumnut3756d ago

ive not got much faith in r* after gta 4.

table tennis on 360 was suprisingly good though.

badz1493756d ago

maybe they are planning on finishing it and find a willing publisher or something? but this is not Ghostbusters, which just recently became publisher-less! developing a game cost money, so it doesn't make sense that they are on to something but have no plan to release it! but concept arts for the search of new ideas are possible though

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The story is too old to be commented.