Are difficulty settings outdated?

Joe from GamersFTW discuss difficulty settings in games, and whether it's time to looks at difficulty in games in a new way rather than the old "Easy; Medium; Hard" way

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c00lvilKid691773d ago

I don't think XCOM: Enemy Unknown was particularly difficult, it just punished players who made poor decisions. Let's be honest, most games don't do that - most of the time you'll respawn after a count down, or just try again. Personally, I couldn't care less about difficulty options, I'll usually play the game how the developers intended for it to be played. Saying that, I don't see a problem with people making the game easier, especially when it comes to a more cinematic experience like Uncharted or Heavy Rain or whatever. As for Dark Souls, I'm not sure how the online aspects would work with adjustable difficulty.

TheDocIsOut1773d ago

It depends on the game whether or not a difficulty slider is necessary. If they feel that the difficulty is not worth the effort, or if the game's measure of difficulty is simply being "throw more dudes at the player", then certainly not. Otherwise, I see no reason why the player can't judge for themselves whether a game should be difficult or not.

MrsNesbitt1773d ago

I like to have the option, so not oudated

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The story is too old to be commented.