cnet: Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice (PlayStation 3) Review

The Disgaea series has long been a bastion of excellence in the realm of strategy role-playing games, and though Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice is no exception, it's beginning to show its age. Despite a great deal of minor gameplay tweaks, the series as a whole seems adamant in staying the exact same as it always has, which is immediately evident by its PlayStation 2-era (or worse) sprite graphics. That said, Disgaea 3 delivers what is undoubtedly the best combination of zany story and strategic gameplay seen yet in the series, and it's a fun and entertaining game that will keep fans hooked for dozens of hours.

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Ashta3708d ago

I always see people knocking Disgaea for keeping it's sprite based look and standard SRPG formula but considering that's kinda what made the series so darn famous in the first place I can't understand why people are complaining.

Sure, we're in the "next-gen" and people expect everything to be 1080p high-res 3D animation that's been bloomed to death, but I just don't think that Disgaea could retain it's same type of wacky feel and crazy battle antics if it was converted in to a full 3D "next-gen" experience.

Imagine how much data a project like that would take up? Considering all of the amount of things that NIS already puts in to the game as it is (unlimited random "item" dungeons, ridiculous leveling up to 9999, almost unlimited possibilities in character "army" building) it would be a massive undertaking for NIS.

Personally I am loving the game (picked it up yesterday) and I'm glad that NIS has stayed with what works instead of trying to rush everything they've made in to the next-gen.

GamerMan3708d ago

my only problem is, the game isn't listed on Best Buys website and I have a $20 reward certificate to use towards the purchase there. So most likely will wait until I see it there in the store.

I'm glad they stuck with the working formula and tweaked it and I can't wait to see how this story turns out.

Luca Blight3708d ago

Thank god I won't have to play anymore Madden!