GamersFTW - Stranger of Sword City Review

Jo from GamersFTW writes: "Stranger of Sword City has many elements which should make it a fun dungeon crawler. However, the storyline is confusing, the battle mechanics are tricky and there are many aspects of the gameplay which aren't explained to their full making it difficult to progress through the game. Also, the addition of permadeath makes this game more frustrating than it should be."

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gepugg963d ago

Dungeon Crawlers just don't float my boat but I was still excited for this; ah well.

Flatty93963d ago

The squad building stuff sounds great but the permadeath mechanic would drive me nuts :s

dead_pixels963d ago

Honestly, the Permadeath mechanic in this isn't bad at all. Each character has a set number of life points which can be replenished with the use of an item. So long as you keep your reserve party members leveled up properly and don't just toss your good characters to the wolves constantly you'll be fine.

I thought SOSC was very solid overall, but if you're looking for an exceptional dungeon crawler Experience's Ray Gigant is much better.