Games genres too crowded says Livingstone

Eidos executive Ian Livingstone has recently been speaking to the latest edition of the Game Central podcast about how crowded genre's are getting and how much games companies are releasing the same kind of games.

Mr Livingstones believes that with companies releasing the same kind of games and going over the top with sequels that they ar'nt concerntrating on desiging new properties and thinking out side of the box.

In a statement Mr Livingstone said "The problem is that on consoles the major genres are jam-packed full, and you have a few genre-owning games. First-person shooters, war games, they're all dominated by big franchises, so it's hard to be original in those genres."

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calderra5241d ago

Reality check: This is like EA saying the Sports market is too crowded. Eidos alone pumps out tons of crap across all genres. If they have a problem with this, they need to change their own business model.