What Can We Expect From GTA IV DLC?

Kris Erikson writes:

"Microsoft reportedly paid Rockstar 50 Million dollars to develop downloadable content for GTA IV which will be exclusive to the Xbox 360. But what can we expect from this content when it inevitably arrives later this fall? Will it invigorate the game's empathetic fan base, or will it prove to be a disappointment? We speculate on what fans can expect from what is shaping up to be the most hotly-anticipated DLC in the history of this controversial practice."

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titntin3730d ago

For people still hungrey for more, I'm sure the DLC will be a brilliant expansion to what was a cool game.

But I can't help thinking that MS have simply not had their moneys worth:
By the time the content is available, a large majority of gamers are already finished with the tile and are much more interested in the blockbusters that are arriving very soon.
By not letting us know what the DLC actually is in advance, there simply isn't the amount of excitement and anticipation as their should be!

When you think that 50 mill could have funded the development of an exclusive new IP, you have to wander if it was money well spent!

Value for MS or not, I'm still goona be dead interested to see the extent of the additional content, though with so much quality software just about to be released, I doubt I'll get it myself...

AAACE53729d ago

I'm glad you pointed that out. I guess it will be something great that will get people to play it or repurchase it and/or attract new consumers.

My anticipation just went through the roof! Could it be a different characters story set in Liberty city? Will it include all the stuff people missed from the San Anderas game? Will it be CJ's story from when he lived in Liberty city, before san andreas? Will they make the game world bigger with the content? Will they release it like Tomb raider anniversary, where you could download it or just buy the disc? Will it be a whole different city such as Vice city or San andreas? The possibilities are endless!!!

I would be sad if it was just some meaningless BS! But truthfully I believe it will be much more than that... otherwise they would have released it already!

monkfish3730d ago

What Can We Expect From GTA IV DLC?
erm hows about a million stories over annalising the importance or execution of this add on....
probably loads of negative comments.....some good points..some bad....
thats probably about all really.....

oh no....

hold on...

almost forgot....

probably a few mentions of killzone 2 i suppose....
(its probably in the signup terms to mention it in every 360 story i just must have missed it.....still ive done it this time)

BigKev453730d ago

Some 2008 vice city, I hope!

Voozi3730d ago

They'd end up suckering me in if it was a whole expansion on the map making the world bigger, but if it's just going to be a handful of missions thrown at us for set price, then I'm going to skip it tbh

TheColbertinator3730d ago

This DLC better fix the game cause GTA4 is a snore

Stubacca3730d ago

Who still plays GTAIV like?

sajj3163730d ago

Expect it to cost considerably

AAACE53729d ago

As long as the value matches or exceeds the price... I'm all in!

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The story is too old to be commented.