PlayStation Neo And PlayStation 4.5: Why Sony's Rumored Console Refresh May Be A Disaster

PlayStation Neo and PlayStation 4.5 rumors keep coming, and we think they spell bad news for Sony. Read five reasons why this rumored console refresh could be a disaster.

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NatureOfLogic_904d ago

I'm really do hope that gamers vote their wallet and not purchase the Neo. It would benefit the gaming industry in the long run imo.

Aloy-Boyfriend904d ago (Edited 904d ago )

I could use more power too.

Many People don't want to pay more than $500 for a console. Companies know this, so having two versions of the console should fix that issue and let people decide what they want.

Base PS4 is two years old. Neo should last 2 years more to give devs more power to make games this year, and then PS5 is next.

I don't like this idea, but this is the only way I can see ot working or me to give it a pass

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NewMonday903d ago

a big part of the market will vote yes, like me, but most of the market will vote no and that's totally fine because it will stay one install base with the same games, adoption rate doesn't hurt games sales like with a new console launch. the only hurt will be if some one sells his console out of outrage and goes PC only, but honestly very few will actually do that, it will be a very emotional but illogical decision.

joab777903d ago

Great point! It's funny how so many people bitched about the small leap this gen. Hell, many games being released are still 30 fps or 720p. But the reasoning was price. Now, as prices drop, and Sony is able to phase in a product that is a bit more powerful, everyone bitches again.

Bring it on. I can't wait.

Crazyglues904d ago (Edited 904d ago )

@ NatureOfLogic_

I feel your pain player, but I think your only saying this because you don't really understand what Neo is and why Sony had to make it, I was going to write a blog post explaining the whole thing (Because as a tech person I think I can help explain it) but then I started thinking I need a good place to write this, so I went to -Medium- and I'm working on an article now.. (hopefully be up soon)

I think once you understand everything you will feel completely different about the PS4k as I'm pretty sure other people will too..
It's really not a bad thing.

Brugal903d ago

I'm interested in reading your article when you post it. Where would I find it?

Crazyglues901d ago

@ Brugal
@ DarkHeroZx

I thought I linked y'all but here is the link in-case I didn't before -->

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martinnatalex903d ago (Edited 903d ago )

I think it's really sad. Could this gen use a boost? Absolutely. Plenty of games aren't hitting 1080p or 60 fps when needed. So in that way, a PS4.5 doesn't sound so bad. But the problem is this will continue into nex-gen, and we'll get PS5.5 when really, all of Nex-gen will be 1080p from the start. That will SUCK. it will turn gens into 7 year ordeals all in the name of half-step profits when really they should shorten gens to 5 years from now on.

The only reason I'm buying PS4.5 is because I have no console as of yet, but I definitely feel for those that think they're getting shafted. PS4.5 won't be THAT bad, but 5.5 will be pretty shameless IMO. 5.5 shouldn't exist because nex-gen will be 1080p -from the start-. All 5.5 is going to do is make you pay twice a generation for systems, instead of the obvious better solution, shortening gens to 5 years. THAT is pretty shameless.

If they're going to offer two console levels, they need to release the higher specced console as an option with the weaker one at the start of a generation. That way, even if you're paying say $200 extra for getting all that power sooner, atleast you're not having to pay $400 twice. So you'll still save $200 or so in the long run. Will it be a steep entrance fee? Sure! But it'll still save $200 in the long run. There will also be tons of gamers waiting on the higher specced console to drop in price. I might turn out to be one of these gamers. Fact is, we still need the option though. It's just not fair to expect gamers to buy two consoles a generation.

NewMonday903d ago (Edited 903d ago )

keep your PS4 and after completing 5 years buy a PS4Neo, simplz!

"If they're going to offer two console levels, they need to release the higher specced console as an option with the weaker one at the start of a generation. That way, even if you're paying say $200 extra for getting all that power sooner"

if they released PS4Neo at the same time of PS4 it would have cost over $900 back then, thats an extra $500

xfiles2099903d ago

It is a luxury it is not a necessity This is only going to increase the sales and put the Xbone further behind just watch

sammarshall102902d ago

Xbox is likely cooking up a beast of hardware right now

_-EDMIX-_903d ago

Why would somebody choose to purchase the Lesser?

Sounds pretty stupid and pointless. So don't have fun and purchase the better product because you're poor? Um ok...

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SirBradders902d ago

I think the opposite this failing would hurt the gaming industry. In order to get more games being made we need more active users.

A more powerful console might intice some of the graphics whores to jump on board.

Also with more old ps4's out their means more install Base making more money for devs which inevitably creates more demand for newer ip's / sequels.

Jayszen902d ago

Just because you may agree withheld writer of this article does not mean we all do. I think that an upgraded mid-point update has lots of benefits, not least all to the PSVR releasing in October. One can also make the argument that upgraded releases every three or four years mean that the developers do not have to ramp up for a brand new console every five, six or seven years and throw out their existing development tools for a whole new platform. This may actually mean that development becomes cheaper over time resulting in more games or more IPS introduced with less risk.

We will only know if the advantages outweighing disadvantages or vice versa if SONY actually do go ahead with NEO. I hope they do.

Aceman18902d ago

If I see a benefit for me I'll be voting with my wallet and purchasing said system. I figure what they'll do is drop original PS4 price to $250-299, and the Neo will be $399.

Either way there will no exclusive games or content for Neo, and the games will run on both only one has this Neo mode thingy.

Tsar4ever01902d ago (Edited 901d ago )

Man, I'm really getting sick of people hating on Sony for updating it's ps4 to better performance output with Psvr and future proof it to better to accommodate the 4k media standard. I can't understand people crying like whiny bitches about a console hardware upgrade They Don't Even Have To Buy!!! On web, people are callin' out these whiners with "Inferiority Complexes" fakes as they'll be the 1st to the stores to trade their base ps4 and buy the Neo anyway. OMG, they are even articles saying that Sony made the Neo because they where in fear of Nintendo's NX spec which is freaking comedy! LOL!!

Me, this Neo upgrade doesn't faze me at all. I'm perfectly happy with my base ps4 running the majority of my titles at native 1080p between 30 or 60 unlocked frames. I haven't had my current 1080p hdtv long enough to just scrap it for a 4k hdtv regardless of the prices are coming down, to bad most people don't know the the cheap 4k tv's their buying don't have the UHD tech in which is the TRUE 4k HDTV's and are clearly the most expensive types

That aside, I'm hoping they won't be any killer games within the next 3 years that looks & performs so good on the Neo that I just have to scrap my base ps4 & upgrade, because I just want to hold out and wait for the Playstation that comes after the Neo hopefully around 2019/20. which I'm quite sure will be running Amd's Zen Cores and with HBM2 memory and a way more beefier GPU thats being used in the Neo.

And about this so called Ps5, the Playstaion after Neo will not be called Ps5, Starting with Ps4/Neo there won't be anymore hardware 5-7 yr "Generation Cycles" due to ps4's *x86 architecture (*bless you Mark Cerny) Sony most likely will be scraping the numbers behind the Playstation name and just call it Playstaion "whatever", or some more fancy Matrix names or something. Just constant hardware Iterative upgrades every 3-3.5yrs without hurting software compatibility, backwards & forward compatibility people, this is how it's going to be so just get use to it or just turn to PC gaming where "You Still Have To Buy Upgrades" every few yrs just to keep up with the standards and run titles the best way. So there.

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Mr-Dude904d ago

Why is the Neo a disaster and a upgraded Xbox not?

gangsta_red904d ago (Edited 904d ago )

Because Phil already shot down the rumors of an upgraded Xbox. Sony has not.

This is why we keep getting news on the Neo, because apparently multiple source of insiders say it's true.

Mr-Dude904d ago (Edited 904d ago )

But no proof for the Neo.. There where a couple of articles yesterday I believe of a new xbox, and apparently thats good news even without sources...

Thats moving the goalpost

S2Killinit903d ago

Because most of the people who are "upset" are known xbox fanboys.

SavingPvt_Highon903d ago (Edited 903d ago )

It's funny how people down arrow truthful statements like the one you wrote. I just don't understand the users on this website lol. Here's a link to confirm your statement.

extermin8or903d ago

Ummmm you realise Phil statement doesn't mean no xbox 2.5 what it means is a) they wouldn't call it that b) the upgraded specs would ve they think considerably better. It becomes subjective and purely down to what you consider a "substantial upgrade" really... Surely you'd rather they do what Sony are rumoured to be doing than release an xbox 2 who's games don't run on the current xbox one.....?

jb227902d ago

Phil also said QB was a full XBO exclusive.
Phil also equated RotTR's exclusivity to Dead Rising 3 & Ryse (insinuating that it'll only hit PC & no other console)

Phil isn't some shining saint & there is no one holding him to nebulous personal statements like "I don't want to move forward in small increments, I want to make full leaps", especially only a month after he equated the future of consoles to consistent upgrades like the mobile market. The dude is the king of doublespeak so to take anything he says as gospel is the textbook definition of insanity. His latest line basically sounds like they may upgrade but they won't use the .5 moniker, opting instead for something like Xbox Two.

Let's wait until E3 & see what happens. Either way, upgraded consoles are only a disaster in speculation & theory, seeing as how we haven't seen them in practice, we can't really call this some horrible move unless we are just being close minded. The mobile industry has never had an issue w/ pushing out upgraded hardware because you can still own older models & have great experiences for years with them. If Sony can keep their software solid on the base model PS4, then an upgrade shouldn't be an issue at all, because the PS4 owner is still getting the same experience they would've always had w/ or w/o an upgrade option.

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gangsta_red904d ago

There was one article taken from some forum site, of a picture taken off of a computer screen that looked like an excel sheet, that said in another language of a possible new Xbox called Xbox One II. I hardly call that good news by anyone and definitely doesn't equal anyone moving goal posts.

And don't forget the many articles about the up-gradeable Xbox being a bad idea even way before the Neo was thought of.

And I don't understand what you and others are looking for in terms of proof. Just like rumors of upcoming games, release dates and anything else we seem to talk about, why is this so hard to discuss?

rainslacker903d ago

While I doubt the source of that excel picture...although not really something that looks believable, it's more substantial than the never seen leaked documents from Sony. All we have with that is some people's words they exist. Websites claim to have seen it, disseminate the information from it, but won't post it anywhere? One could say they would face copyright infringement, but relaying confidential information like that is also illegal. If they read the preface to the document, it would explain any information in it is not to be transferred without consent. As is typical of all Sony official documents. Since they wouldn't be able to read the document without reading that part, relaying the information would land them in hot water as much as just posting the entire document somewhere.

That being said, MS did directly address the rumor, which ironically did kind of start with them. I took it as kind of a PR thing, twisting it around to not say anything conclusive, however, I do feel it was Phil saying that it wasn't going to happen. All context points to that.

However, just because Sony hasn't said anything, does not indicate that it's conclusively real either. Sony has been rather mousish with any information or rumors since before the PS4 released. They spent months not talking about DRM. Have been really good about keeping secrets. And generally haven't been that into press statements except for discussing new releases, or the occasional tweet from Shu or broad interview for execs in general. However, to date, i haven't seen a single site interview any Sony exec and pose the question...which is quite weird given how it's all anyone is talking about with Sony. Even of the major websites, only a few are actually talking about this, whereas most of the articles are just opinion pieces from bloggers or smaller sites. Quite odd given how pervasive these rumors have been, and how easily obtainable the information has been to verify.

Gol3m903d ago

Yep. There'd be patents on designs that would be open to the public for sure

styferion903d ago

idk it's look like Xbox fanboys are doing some crusade or something, you can count for yourself how many 'opinion' posts downplaying PS and Nintendo while on the other posts they are desperately praising X360 and X1 like it's some sort of presidential election or something.

903d ago
sammarshall102902d ago

I like the idea of both upgrading

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DontShoot-Me-Bro904d ago (Edited 904d ago )

I am really sick of these PS4 Neo articles now, I wish there was a new game or some other news so all these sites can get their clicks from some other topic. We've heard everyone and their mothers opinion on this.

We don't know the full story, and I can for sure say that people might complain about it, not like the idea, but once it releases it will sell just as fast as PS4 did when it released, I am not a fan of releasing an upgraded version half way through a lifecycle BUT I will end up buying it as will alot of naysayers.

S2Killinit903d ago

Its called confusion marketing. There are a ton of games related news but they are getting barried.

Business 101: if advertising your own product doesnt work, create doubt and confusion around the competitor's product.

starchild903d ago

Are you really claiming these PS4 Neo articles are Microsoft's doing?

903d ago
S2Killinit903d ago

Would it be the first time shady advertising practices have been used? Is it really that hard to fathome that this is a real business technique? Its one of the first things they teach you in business school. Remember MS's anti iphone commercial when iphone 5 was about to launch? There was a backlash because people found it distasteful. Im not saying EVERY single one has MS directly involved, but then they dont NEED to be directely invloved in all of them. It works the same way PR works. First you give the community something to work with, then they run with it. This is VERY common practice.

Drake714903d ago

and why will the competitor just sit doing nothing

JasonKCK902d ago

Tin foil hats on sale at Walmart, and I hear they're going for crazy prices.

S2Killinit902d ago (Edited 902d ago )

hahaha well if logic doesn't win you over I might as well go to walmart cuz this world doesn't make sense anymore. I might just end up getting a job there and live in their camping ails.

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rainslacker903d ago (Edited 903d ago )

N4G's new format isn't helping. It's really hard to read a variety of news on here anymore,because I can't click through to articles I might be interested in by going through the pages like I used to.

Since these types of articles get a lot of heat, they tend to make it to the top, which was like before, but it didn't bury the other news as much, since it was still easy to find by looking through the few pages in the section below the top.

Granted, going around other places looking for news, there really isn't that much, but the fact that N4G now has 400 pending articles almost on a daily basis now, as opposed to 200 and less than 50 near the end of the night, only shows that a lot of news isn't getting through.


I would consider that a possibility only because all this started with Spencer asking how people thought about it. The initial reaction was rather negative, so it could be seen as them seeing if it would be bad for them to spread such a rumor.

However, I think that is a bit too much to accuse them of at this point, and it could have easily been shot down early by Sony if it was actually having an effect.

I think there might be something to the rumors, but I am having a hard time believing it's what people believe it is now. I also don't think MS would perpetuate a smear campaign of this magnitude against their competitors. While they have dodgy moments in their history, it just makes no sense for them to take it to such a level....particularly since these same rumors are often being applied to them.

Apocalypse Shadow904d ago (Edited 904d ago )

I'm still waiting for a link to an official document that was leaked. Still haven't seen anyone provide it. When journalists provide rumors and heresay as fact, you can no longer trust them as fact based gatherers. Why do I say this?

Because these same sites can't even tell you if a game releasing is broken, has frame rate drops, screen tearing, etc. They surely won't tell you how much AD revenue they made from advertising for these companies. Or how much kickback swag they were given. Some of them don't even finish the games they're reviewing. But slap an arbitrary 8.9/10 on it like they did. So now I'm supposed to trust them on rumors too that only generate clicks?

I see gamers loving the idea. Who doesn't like the idea. But is it a good idea when the current model works already?I see gamers saying, "with more power, the games will run better."

Actually, if you demanded that developers finished their games before releasing them, they'd run better already. If developers used testers instead of pushing gamers to find problems for them for *free* in betas so they can provide huge patches, games would run better. If gamers didn't blindly preorder and buy from known offenders(Bethesda a perfect example), games would run better.

In another article, doom is running 1080p/60fps.Current consoles are capable already. It's not the systems. It's the developers. Uncharted 4 could be 1080p/60fps.It just won't look as good as the 1080p/30fps game you're salivating over. But asking for more power to fix something not broken is dumb. Looking to buy new consoles when you know why the problem exists is dumb. But instead of uniting against shoddy work, you'd rather just spend more mony and *HOPE*.... Very smart thinking /s

Apocalypse Shadow904d ago (Edited 904d ago )

*So far, the rumoured console has gone under the moniker PS4K or PS4.5

*the GPU specs tie into recent rumours that AMD...

*While AMD has refused to comment on the scuttlebutt—telling Ars, "We do not comment on rumour or speculation"

*GiantBomb claimed documents it had received detail suggestions for how developers can build games in 4K

*Ars sought comment from Sony on the rumoured PS4 NEO, but it hadn't responded to our request...

So, basically, you're linking me to someone talking about someone else's articles who talks about someone else's article that has not printed a hard document picture that would blow this news wide open?


But it still doesn't change the fact that more power is unneeded if developers did their job making complete games and gamers did their job in not buying shoddy work.

rainslacker903d ago (Edited 903d ago )

"So, basically, you're linking me to someone talking about someone else's articles who talks about someone else's article that has not printed a hard document picture that would blow this news wide open? "

That's all you're going to get, because that's all that exists. Sometimes you'll get neogaf posts or the initial source claiming to see the document.

As we all know, websites in gaming media are very responsible, and do not show actual documents and are completely responsible with how they handle the release of this information, and having definitive proof which would show without a doubt that they are telling the truth is never shown.

I'm really at the point where I don't know if the few sites saying they have verified information are perpetuating a massive troll or outright misinformation campaign, or if someone is perpetuating this on the sites which take it as gospel. I mean, imagine how far the NX controller rumor would have gone had it not been revealed a couple days after release? What gets me more is how people can take this seriously, when only a few major sites are actually releasing any information on it, with the rest being bloggers or smaller sites providing editorial. What gets me more is how none of these sites seems to be trying too hard to actually get a statement from Sony, and seem to trust sources over doing proper journalistic work.

extermin8or904d ago

It's simple really if Sony don't just outright deny a leak it's usually true. Also an article summarising all the evidence/leaks about it l.... What exactly is wrong about that?

903d ago
rainslacker903d ago

Kind of like how they never denied restrictive DRM existing on the PS4?

extermin8or903d ago (Edited 903d ago )

@rainslacker: I'd give you the restricted drm thing except they DID deny it there were 2 or 3! Interviews with Yoshikawa at the ps4's reveal that clearly stated "NO THE SRM IS NOT SOMETHING WE WIL BE DOING" it got buried and people just seemed to miss the information I remember I spent 3 -4 months posting links to the interviews in the comments section of articles about it.

rainslacker902d ago (Edited 902d ago )

Too true. Many people just didn't believe it, because these same websites kept making it into a thing, and people believed these same websites back then.

Seems though this time no one is really trying too hard to ask Sony for clarification. I haven't seen a single interview from Sony since all these rumors broke, and the only PR they've issued has been in relation to R&C's release. Then the only other thing has been their sales reports.

While Sony would deny rumors if they thought it was harmful to them, they typically don't respond to rumors regardless of their veracity.

Anyhow, to me, the lack of comment is just people using it as more evidence in rumor that is all about conjecture based evidence. Some or all of the leaked documents and what these websites are apparently getting may be true, I can't deny that it's very possible. But I see a lot of people taking anything they can as evidence, regardless of if it's really worth doing so. What's worse, to me at least, is so many people are willing to make a purchasing decision based on what little information there is, for what amounts to a entirely new way of thinking for console releases....which is in itself rather odd considering just how traditional console gamers are.

For as cynical a bunch as gamers typically are, it kind of baffles me just how many people believe these rumors to be 100% true and maybe 75% accurate. These kinds of rumors and other things presented in the same way get scrutinized to death on an endless basis, but now people just accept some journalist at their word. I hate to speak in such a general way, it just appears that many people are not their typical self in light of all these reports.

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LamerTamer903d ago (Edited 903d ago )

More power is always needed. Your Doom example is meaningless. ANY game can be made in 1080p and 60 FPS if the visuals are downgraded enough. Just keep cutting out effects until you get there. That proves nothing other than Doom on PS4 will not look as good as it could have if it had more power. With more power it wouldn't be either 60 FPS, OR better visuals, it would be BOTH.

Devs aren't magicians. They can only do so much and hardware is the limiting factor. If they are great at optimizing on weak hardware then their game would look and run even better on more powerful hardware. It is plain simple logic.

As far as "consoles capable already", no. Even a budget PC blows them away graphically now.

903d ago
Nodoze903d ago

I really think that everyone is looking at this the wrong way. Change your perspective for just a moment and look to the mobile platforms (iphone, android) and tablets. They are being updated constantly. Better screens, processors, graphics, ram etc. So anyone that buys a 'new' device that already has one is paying for the upgraded performance of said device. In the case of Apple ALL of the same apps run on both the older and newer version of these devices. In the case of the new device they also sometimes run better. Higher performance, faster reponse, better graphics etc. Everyone with the older device can still play the game. They are not impacted at all. The newer device just plays better.

Why WOULDN'T you want this for console gaming? So after 3 years we get a newer version of the hardware (faster processor, more Ram, better graphics, more storage). Frankly this idea is catching up to the current way of thinking.

Anyone with a traditional PS4 can still play all PS4 games. They are not impacted.

Those that would buy the NEO/Newer version would play these same titles...better. Faster response, better graphics (draw distance, anti aliasing, framerate etc). This is JUST like the PC.

Once again I think that gamers are thinking that Sony is going to abandon them or something. It is the exact opposite. They are perhaps going to offer different tiers of the PS4. I for one welcome this, and would buy one on day 1 (assuming the performance improvement is of note and not negligible).

I am surprised it has taken as long as it has to start considering and offering this.

uth11903d ago

The only reason phones get upgraded constantly is they artificially cripple the old ones and the carrier subsidizes the purchase. The new models are barely more powerful than the old ones.

I see no reason why consoles should adopt this model since the old one has served them well for 40 years now! It would be nothing but a cash grab as the generation would now be twice as expensive since many gamers would feel compelled to buy the .5 models. Moore's law is actually slowing down now, so there's no compelling reason for more frequent refreshes.

NarooN903d ago

Moore's Law may have slowed down but many engineers have refuted the notion that they will be forever limited by it. GPU's have still been progressing at about the same rate they have been for ages now, with the only recent hiccup being the prolonged stagnation of the 28nm nodes, but that was because various foundries couldn't make a decent-enough 20nm node for big GPU's to sit on.

"Nothing but a cash grab"? That's what the entire business is, a cash grab. None of it is done for charity. All these PS4k doom & gloom articles are patently ridiculous and it's obvious they all exists either due to blind fanboys with no actual technical knowledge penning them or because of blatant fearmongering. I think most people against the idea are simply afraid of being rendered deprecated for having older hardware and thus they think they'll be "left behind", even though Giant Bomb and several other sites already leaked excerpts from Sony's white paper which clearly intonated that it's mandatory that all future games still be compatible with the base PS4.

The only difference for Neo is that games past a certain cut-off point have to be Neo compatible as well, which makes sense. So Neo owners get the benefit of better visuals/resolution/performance whilst base owners still get the same game, just not as pretty. Whether or not someone feels butthurt about not having the shiniest toy anymore is irrelevant as to whether the Neo itself is a "disaster" or not. Sony won't just randomly halt production of the base model -- they'll have both models in the market at the same time and reap the rewards from both being sold concurrently. Literally no one loses out in this scenario.

Not to mention 4K TV prices have been dropping steadily and are quite affordable now, and there are a decent number of PS4 owners who already have 4K sets and would enjoy the native HDMI 2.0 support and the inclusion of an actual UHD BD player in the system as well. Plus improved 4K streaming and overall digital 4K video playback due to an updated VCE/VCD blocks on the APU and it'll be extra enticing for both pre-existing users and prospective buyers who were previously on the fence.

So no one loses out, except everybody else with their doom & gloom fearmongering who choose to wallow in ignorance just to have the chance to complain about something that doesn't actually negatively impact them at all.