Gamers Are Worried About The PS4 'Neo,' And That's Bad For Sony

The next version of Sony’s PS4 may not have been announced yet, but we’ve got enough rumors, winks, nudges and reports that it’s become eminently clear that Sony has something big up its sleeve, likely to be revealed at E3 and launched a few months later in October or November. There is enough out there, certainly, for the Internet to start generating a whole lot of chatter based on the basic concept of a Playstation 4.5, a PS4k, the PS4 “Neo,” or whatever we’re calling it. And the response? Not good.

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NatureOfLogic_995d ago

Once again I have to agree. I know I most likely wont be buying one even though I already own a 4k tv with a 4k capable gaming PC. Most will be stuck with a less optimized ogPS4 until PS5.0 releases, If it releases.

RpgSama993d ago

I don't see where the big deal is, I bought a Ps4 at launch, if the upgrade is significant I will definitely trade in or sell my regular ps4 for the Neo, if the upgrade is not significant I will continue to be very very happy with my day one Ps4.

There is always a better version of the game I'm playing, specially in PC where hardware improves almost monthly on the market, a one time in a generation improvement is something I could live with (Even if I don't buy it), Technology is improving at a faster rate than ever, a closed 5 years console generation that was behind the tech curve from the start is a thing of the past in a market where phones are doubling their memory and specs year-over-year. We run the risk of having ancient techonology by the time the next generation comes around and then repeat the process of always being left behind

Yi-Long993d ago (Edited 993d ago )

Same here. I expect the PS4 Neo to just improve in it's secondary functions, like 4k video playback, and perhaps stuff like FullHD replays. I doubt it will affect many, if any, games.

I've been seeing quite a few of these articles showing up claiming many gamers are scared, angry, whatever, but I haven't really seen many comments on sites like these that back those claims up.

Seems to be more a case of some websites once again enjoying stirring up a supposed 'issue' to score hits.

Bahamut993d ago

If I can take the 2 tb harddrive out of this one, and just put it in the new one, I will upgrade. I'm not redownloading all of my games again (had to do it when I upgraded last time, took like a week).

fox79993d ago

The big deal is Sony didn't tell the 40 million customers that they were buying the base model if they did instead of telling the world it's the most powerful console ect ect then they would of sold 10 million if they were lucky so yes Sony have shafted you FOOL.....

Septic993d ago

Whatever Sony decide with the Neo, expect the contingent to support them no matter what.

LamerTamer993d ago


Well that is what you get going digital download. Imagine when eventually those games are taken off of the servers...

Me I just put in the disk and am playing in minutes.

uth11993d ago

The big deal is if they start delivering substandard PS4 games in order to sell more Neos. It could happen sin e we see that in mobile and PC

Saigon993d ago

@fox79 that comment makes no sense. that is irrelevant at best. Just because they are coming out with an upgraded version of their console that will do everything their current console can do isn't shafting anybody. Its an option. For me I would be happy to buy the Neo and give the Standard PS4 to my kids; especially since I would be able to play my games on either.

@uth11 if you looked at the leaked documentation for the Neo, Sony restricted the developers making the Neo games better than the standard PS4. The documentation states that the games are to be similar, just one device outputs the visuals better.

993d ago
xGrunty993d ago

@hvd222 How can there not be a trade in program? I am a manager at GameStop and we currently give $200 store credit for ps4s and sell them for $319 pre owned. Funny thing is, they still sell extremely well pre owned even though it's only a few $'s cheaper. That shows you the buying power of the customers. Trust me when I say this system will still fly off the shelf, even if the upgrade is only like $250 credit. Still a good bit of money for the average consumer.

Bdub2000993d ago (Edited 993d ago )

Microsoft does this, N4G wants to burn the X1 down to ashes for "lying to the consumer" and being "dishonest".

Sony does this, "oh yeah, that makes sense, Sony is so smart".

No matter how you spin it, PS4 is now "the base model", and everyone that bought one will have to know their console is now inferior until they upgrade.

Sony did this for no reason other than to dig deeper in to your pockets.

Kingthrash360993d ago (Edited 993d ago )

Guess you haven't read today's xbox2 rumor...where in that article people were praising it....yes apparently ps4 does it and it gets the doom articles, all week mind you...while xbox 2 get positive ones complete with the same nay sayers on Sony articles, saying how great this is for xbox.

Bdub2000992d ago


Totally different. The X1 has been getting trashed in sales all generation long. They gotta do something to boost sales and remain competitive with PS4 worldwide.

Ps4 has no reason to do this except to take more of their fans money.

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BossBattle993d ago

So you rather have a VR headset with minimal performance?

fox79993d ago (Edited 990d ago )

Why buy a second ps4 I'll buy a NX with a Supplemental compute device that's POWER....

PS4 NEO AMD graphics from ps4 base model basically more memory and higher clock rates..


sizeofyou993d ago (Edited 993d ago )

Maybe because the software for the NX is limited at this time - and the PS4 has a release list that exceeds anything else? Triple AAAs and a variety of genres to interest most people. I'll see how the NX pans out before considering adding to my 3 console tally...

kraenk12993d ago


Joined April 30th..what is it which all you losers creating second or third accounts lately?!

Aceman18993d ago

Not a big deal to me if it offers me benefits I don't have a problem purchasing Neo, if not I can hold out. Either way the games will play on BOTH systems.

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trooper_993d ago

All of this 'fake concern' is stupid and pointless, since we still don't know about the rumor being true.

miyamoto993d ago

Worried? More like excited. Good competition is good for consumer. And like what I said before it's PS4 vs. PC gaming from here on. Let the battle begin!

_-EDMIX-_993d ago

" Most will be stuck with a less optimized ogPS4 until PS5.0 releases" why would they have less optimization on the higher install base?

Did you think the higher GPUs just get all the love on PC? lol

GamingIVfun993d ago (Edited 993d ago )


Looking at your comments history your not too hard to figure out. Just like all the other haters that have posted in the many articles on the PS4 upgrade rumor.

Xbox One has a rumored upgrade coming too, what's your thoughts on that?

No one really knows what the rumored upgrades for each of the consoles is going to be and have no idea when they may release even if they are in the works.

I don't think it's going to be a problem if the rumors are true. They have already sold close to 40 million PS4's, when and if the knew system goes on sale the new customers will be buying it, and it will have a well established library of games on day one. As for current owners of the PS4 you will probably not need to upgrade unless you intend on watching 4k content, Ultra Blu-Ray and such. I doubt any new console in the near future is going have anything but smaller less complicated games in 4k. It is almost assured that the upgrade is mostly for streaming video content and Ultra blu-ray playback, if you want that content you'll have to either buy a Ultra blu-ray player, or a console that supports it. Ultra blu-ray player ain't cheap. Unless you own or intend on buying a 4K TV or monitor, it doesn't really matter.

If the Xbox One isn't being upgraded for 4k content it could possibly hurt them if the new PS4 has it and they don't.

The movie industry, TV makers and streaming services want this to happen, I would bet on it

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KilKarazy993d ago

@fox79 Apple doesn't explicitly tell people a new iPhone comes out every year and that by the time a person receives their phone it will be obsolete in a little more than 300 days, yet people still pay $800+ for it. As long as they support every version of the PS4 with every game, there should be no issue. You don't have to have the latest and greatest thing, nor does a company have to ensure that you do. It is simply an option. Personally I think the consoles should have 3 external access points for an easy swap CPU, GPU, and RAM, then release upgrades every year.

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Aloy-Boyfriend995d ago (Edited 995d ago )

Some are worried, some are excited

And I'm just here waiting for Uncharted 4 and No Man's Sky

So tired of Neo articles

NatureOfLogic_995d ago (Edited 995d ago )

I'm waiting for those games also, but I'm really hoping that the Neo does not succeed. It's a slap in the face of all current PS4 owners who thought they were making a better long term investment whenever they purchased their console. It's a dirty tactic that makes business sense, but I'm not on the business side, I'm on the consumer side and this doesn't sit well with me. Just my thoughts.

Thatguy-310995d ago (Edited 995d ago )

Omg man shut up. With the Neo releasing the current ps4 isn't dying out so the long term investment is still there. If there's a demographic out there that want the small upgrade then so be it and let them enjoy it. If you don't want to upgrade then stay with the current one you have and you'll still be able to play the same games that are going to come out in the future.

MRMagoo123995d ago (Edited 995d ago )

just your thoughts ........that you share every single article and we have had about 60. I bought ps4 at launch, if they release a new ps4 I'll buy that too the same as I will if it's only a slim ps4, I game mostly on my pc but this is exciting for me and a lot of other people.

ninsigma993d ago

Really tired of the slap in the face argument crap. It's not a slap in the face at all. A slap in the face would be releasing a ps5 this year. As far as we know, it's the exact same but runs games better. No exclusive stuff or anything other than that. All the same games will run on both and will play on base model as if neo didnt exist. Not buying the neo would change nothing for you or anyone else that doesn't want to buy it (I don't even know if I'd buy it yet). We don't even have solid proof of it yet.

JEECE993d ago

All these people saying it's just a small upgrade that won't matter will change their tune the first time a big AAA game comes out that runs at 60fps on the Neo but can't hold 30 on the original PS4. They also won't like it when games (like possibly Horizon) get delayed on PlayStation because the devs have to optimize two versions.

Genuine-User993d ago

"It's a slap in the face of all current PS4 owners"

Speak for yourself.

jznrpg993d ago (Edited 993d ago )

Its not a slap in the face, it is the way technology works these days . 8-10 yr cycles are over and that is fine by me

KwietStorm993d ago (Edited 993d ago )

It's not a slap in the face to anybody. This sensationalist crap has to stop. It's all hearsay and speculation. But even if the Neo is real and it releases and it plays the same games, only with better graphics, is that really what we're all so upset about? Because that's been the same argument since this whole generation started.

fox79993d ago (Edited 993d ago )

Sony have shafted all 40 million customers they now have a ps4 Base Model...

Keep base model and more and more games will run good on neo and unplayable on base model..

LamerTamer993d ago (Edited 993d ago )


I think a slim would be useless. Who cares if the case is a couple of millimeters thinner, do you walk around with it? It sits on a shelf, who cares.

Now if the Neo did play games better I would buy that, even if it was BIGGER.


These consoles were weak at launch, weaker than a mid level PC. Now they are weak compared to a budget PC. I for one don't want to be stuck with inferior hardware for 7 years. Now there is an option to update (OPTION, as in you don't have to upgrade). Since all my games will work on the Neo (some maybe even better) and I don't need to dump the whole game library like a new console gen, I am for it.

trooper_993d ago

Even if its true, its not replacing your PS4. Some of you need to stop being overdramatic.

miyamoto993d ago

So how is PS4 Neo console gaming going toe to toe with high end PC gaming a slap in the face of gamers?
Console gamers are fed up with the PC master race tirades for years now. Now Sony takes the challenge so what is bad about that. I already gladly paid $399.99 for 1080p with my PS4. Done deal. Everybody is happy. but I wanna be happier so I will trade in my PS4 and get a new spanking PS4 Neo just like I do with my car.

XabiDaChosenOne993d ago

What about the PS4 Neo makes you think you didn't make a better long term investment?

_-EDMIX-_993d ago

"It's a slap in the face of all current PS4 owners who thought they were making a better long term investment"


Would PS5 not be the same? Buddy...who told you they were NEVER making another sku? Who cares? You're PS4 still has games, will still be supported. Nothing they promised is actually being jeopardized. You are just butthurt someone else gets a better option.


rainslacker993d ago (Edited 993d ago )

It actually doesn't make a whole lot of business sense to be honest. More money to be had by riding out the generation in the traditional way, particularly if one is doing so well during that generation, and making an initial profit off the console itself.

New paradigm won't see an increase in software sales from it. So why take a small profit from a new console, when you can make just as much selling a couple games, regardless of publisher, and getting the licensing costs. It's not like the Neo version is going to help their install base. They may sell more consoles due to people upgrading, but overall, sales will remain consistent, and now there might be a flood of used consoles on the market actually devaluing it's older consoles being sold new, which means more of a price drop, which means even less profit, so it makes no sense to spend a lot of money even making a second SKU like that.

I'm not willing to call it totally anti-consumer at the moment. I have my concerns on possible outcomes, but without the details known, I don't feel it prudent to criticize a company over it, particularly one that hasn't even acknowledged the existence of the device.


If that happens, then I won't support the Neo at all, nor will I continue to support the PS brand. This is true even if third party start half assing legacy compliance. It's one of my biggest complaints about this whole thing, and is usually the thing that most people disagree with me on when I even bring it up, with them saying that just won't happen. Right now it's just a concern born from a possibility, but I know how the development scene works, and I know within a couple years, that will start happening more and more.

993d ago
DarXyde993d ago (Edited 993d ago )

It is a bit disconcerting for early adopters such as us...however, I can only agree on that much.

I think we should expect this. PS3 came out in 2006 with PS4 launching in 2013. It's 2016 now. That's 10 years total. If anything, this is helping to keep the generation gap leveled. Neo is, arguably, what PS4 should have been in the beginning. The good news is this means the next generation will need to make a sizable increase over the current generation's updated platforms.

If Sony is going to not upset gamers, they need to do this right. If they sincerely commit (and I do really mean COMMIT) to the plan for no Neo exclusive games, people should be alright. If PS5 comes along and it shares games with Neo instead of PS4 Vanilla (hereafter referred to as PS4V), that too is acceptable. Additionally, they should be sure that PS4V's versions of games do not suffer in favor of Neo. So if Naughty Dog drops The Last of Us 2 and it runs at, say, a solid 30fps/1080p or whatever resolution they decide on PS4V, I'm totally okay with that. Again though, they must commit.

I don't think Sony is cheating us out of our investments, but that is strictly contingent upon the aforementioned conditions. If they violate those, then I might agree with you. Until then, I think you're getting worked up for nothing.

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SophiaMason993d ago

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Brugal993d ago

Thank you. It's not like our current PS4's will be obsolete or there's no great games on the horizon. I could understand people's gripes with the Neo but come on now, let's all enjoy the great wave of games coming our way.

Kallisti993d ago

On the Horizon, I see what you did there :)

I_am_Batman993d ago

Especially when the majority of people on here don't seem to be capable of having a reasonable discussion about it. It seems like most people only foresee the best or the worst possible outcome. It will most likely be something in between and as long as we don't have all the details I don't see how arguing over the same old points over and over again is going to benefit anybody.

subtenko993d ago

Thanks, finally I know someone sane is on here xD All these articles are just copying the 'worry' trend. It gets old seeing headlines of the same thing over and over again.

993d ago
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PFFT993d ago

I am looking forward to it. Day one purchase for me.

Decastis993d ago

Build your own console in your little laboratory if you hate corporations!

opinionated993d ago

Its ok when there is a benevolent master. Like steam, where would PC gaming be without the slavery of valve?

Free_Fro993d ago (Edited 993d ago )

give it a chance. . @E3 we'll know more of coarse.

Once we've got all the info we need. . then you have my permission to go ape sh!t.

Personally, I'm content with my PS4 as it is. I don't have an issue so long as my PS4 can play the same games as the 'Neo'. Now, if there were 'NEO' exclusives... then I would be concerned. Until then, no cause for alarm.

I don't care if someone else has a better PS4 than me.. I'm good so long as my PS4 can still play the game. I would only upgrade if my current PS4 stops working. .

*If a 'NEO' exists at all..

Just like in the PC space, some will have better hardware configuration than others. You don't see people losing sleep out here.

JEECE993d ago

But you can upgrade your PC's GPU without replacing the entire thing. Or, you can change the graphics settings (AA, FOV, etc) to help boost the frame rate if that is important to you. When a game comes out that runs great on Neo but is a broken, stuttering mess on the original PS4, how much different is that then the original not getting it at all?

ninsigma993d ago

This wouldn't be the same as if your PCs gpu was becoming old. Having only the two models to target means situations like arkham knight won't happen (extreme example I know). The jump isn't even that big. Most games are hitting 900/60 to 1080/30 as it is. Being able to do 1080/60, while is preferable for games, isn't going to be much of a gap between the two systems that games will come out a mess. It would be pretty easy for the devs to target which res/frame rate was needed depending on the Console being run on.

LamerTamer993d ago (Edited 993d ago )

Yeah you can upgrade the GPU on a PC without replacing everything but that GPU will cost more than a NEO if you get something decent.

The Neo won't make PS4 games run worse, they will run as good or bad as they normally would, the Neo will just run them a bit better.

There aren't "two versions" just one version with graphics settings tweaked upwards a bit for the NEO. There are APIs and libraries and stuff that take care of that.

hardcorehenry993d ago

Gamers are constantly worried about all kinds of stupid shit, and it's bad for nobody. I'm glad the 8 year console cycle is about to be a thing of the past. Options are nice.

Goldby993d ago

i agree that 8 years was too much, but 3 years... comon that is way too short.

superchiller993d ago

The PS4 won't go away or be obsolete once the new version comes out, so this isn't a "3 year" life cycle at all.

ninsigma993d ago

This isn't a 3 year cycle. If the rumours a true and both will play all games then it's not the end of this generation.

993d ago
garrettbobbyferguson993d ago

Were you born yesterday? The 8 year console cycle has never existed until last generation. The PS1 was released in 94. The PS2 was released in 2000 and guess when the PS3 was released? 2006. Even the PS3 only had a 7 year life before the PS4 was released. They just decided to support the mediocre console for much too long. Last generation was such terrible stagnation.

Aloy-Boyfriend993d ago

Mediocre console? You mean where the most GOTY were?

garrettbobbyferguson993d ago (Edited 993d ago )


The PS3's cell was the only thing driving it. It had 512mb of ram, the phat consoles all were ticking time bombs, granted, nothing like the trash that the 360 was.

Games wise? For the first two years the only two memorable games I remember were Warhawk and Resistance. Uncharted was good, but too much like a movie. Uncharted 2's multiplayer was great, then they ruined it with Uncharted 3. Killzone 2 was a mediocre game save for its graphics (I was top of the leader boards on Killzone 2 for months, don't you dare tell me I never played the game). It took them much too long to release Ratchet and Clank, MGSIV or even God of War. And then they ruined Warhawk with that spiritual successor.

Funny thing is looking back, the PS3 was/is like the Wii U. There were a good 10 exclusive games that I can think of that were really good.

TFJWM993d ago (Edited 993d ago )

Yes, The Last of Us was proof of such terrible stagnation...

993d ago
LamerTamer993d ago


Yep the Last Of Us on PS3 was definitely proof of stagnation. If it wasn't it would have been 1080p and 60 FPS with better textures like it was on PS4...

SolidGear3993d ago

PS3 is the best console thus far, in my opinion of course

hardcorehenry993d ago

I get that. But there seems to be this established expectation that consoles now owe us 8 years of uninterrupted support. MS Sony ND Nintendo are about to kick that notion to the curb, hence my comment.

To answer your question... no, I was not born yesterday!

trouble_bubble993d ago

PS3 had grest games. Your taste just sucks, which is your own problem. Comparing it to the wii-u, smh

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