PlayStation Europe Exec on the PS4 NEO: “It’s normal to think of its update”

Speaking with French publication Challenges, Sony Computer Entertainment Vice President for Southern Europe, Philippe Cardon, all but confirmed the PS4 NEO, previously rumoured as the PS4.5.

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BitbyDeath994d ago

The Giant Bomb details came from Sony Dev Net, so was kind of official back then.

DARKKENT994d ago (Edited 994d ago )

Faaaar from normal, stupid decision

What exactly is the point in pissing of existing customers, pissing of devs who have to make pointless two versions of the same game with no additional features, confusing parents, eating into ps4 sales, losing sales due to the lack of trust sony will now have installed in many of its existing customers like me?

would I think twice about buying any playstation product again? Hell yeh, the vita and now this,PlayStation 4 is 2 and a half years old and dev kits of this abomination is already allegedly in developers hands.. Sony must have planned this maybe a year into the ps4s lifespan knowing full well they going to screw over existing customers, would I jump in and buy another PlayStation product again knowing sony could screw existing customers not even 3years in?.. NO

All for a console that will have no exclusive games, features or add ons.. But a bump in resolution and frame rate here and there?..WHAT IS THE POINT

Typical sony not understanding their customer base.. Just when something goes well for them they make a stupid decision

They have done it with their handhelds, mobile phones, tvs and it always backfires, now the PlayStation division their main profitiable division, which funnily enough is now their main profitiable division due to stupid decisions like this made to their other electrical divisions

Just unbelievable the stupidity of this company

freshslicepizza994d ago


if it fails to sell well then you will have a point, otherwise you are just coming across as someone who feels envious of those who will buy one and doesn't want an 'inferior' version of the ps4.

Majin-vegeta994d ago

Nothing is official until straight from the horses mouth.

DARKKENT994d ago Show
kraenk12994d ago (Edited 994d ago )

Really dont know what you're on about DARKKent. If anything Sony is actually extending PS4s relevance. Once you've overcome your ignorance you will start to see it sooner or later.
At the moment you come off as a kid who's brother just got a bigger toy car for his birthday.

OoglyBoogly994d ago

What's with all the disagrees for you? How is this not true?

OoglyBoogly994d ago


"Typical sony defender response"

Yeah, because your comments TOTALLY aren't coming off as some bias fanboy rantings yourself.

xander70769994d ago

Lol @ darknet. It WOULD be dumb if Devs actually had to make two versions of their games but I highly doubt that will be the case. There is no indication of that at all. This will likely just have beefier specs, it will play the exact same ps4 games as a normal ps4, just with better resolution and frame rate. What the hell is wrong with that? It makes way more sense than just releasing a "slim" version a few years into the cycle. I can't wait for this.

Trez1234994d ago (Edited 994d ago )

Darkkent, I have my concerns on neo but u actually don't make any sense. The vita wasn't selling well n the competition ( Nintendo ds) was and still really dominant on that field. Don't use the vita as a stick to beat sony with coz devs make games on a platform that sells well and the vita and wii U struggled to get support coz of that.

If the ps4 is an option for those who want that extra power then whats wrong with that? Pissing customers off will be to make ps4 absolute and that Doesn't seem like it's the case.

And if u think it's " typical Sony not understanding it's Fan base" then what I'm intrigued to know ur opinion about their competition

DARKKENT994d ago Show
Vipre77994d ago

@DARKKENT: You've said it yourself. It is rumored to provide a sometimes minor improvement in games. If that's all it is, why getting so bent out of shape about it? How does such a minor improvement make you feel like you've been screwed over? I don't get it. Blowing shit waaaay out of proportion if you ask me.

Palitera994d ago (Edited 994d ago )


Well, that's what the gaming community get by giving a company endless praise, saving it from every plausible criticism, swearing love and defending like a true zealot on every possible aspect ever possible.

Too bad that Sony can't handle the success, but we, collectively, deserve this kind of treatment.

XabiDaChosenOne994d ago

I'm sorry but your rant makes absolutely no sense, how is Sony screwing customers over if by your statement there will be no exclusive games or features?

morganfell994d ago


Your remarks drip with the characteristics one witnesses when an individual has failed miserably to conduct even the barest modicum of research.

First, moldy is a well known Microsoft supporter, not a Sony defender.

Second, how does someone else having a more powerful PS4 affect you or any current PS4 owner? Leaked documents reveal Sony has made it impossible for developers to offer exclusive material for the 4K version. No exclusive DLC or levels. No exclusive PS4K games or items. You will get exactly, and by exactly I mean precisely the same game and features you would receive were there no PS4K whatsoever.

You strike me as one of those people that is concerned with what other people have or how they spend their money when it has nothing to do with you. It becomes even more absurd when one realizes the more PS4s of any type that sell will only increase Sony revenue allowing them to reinvest said profits back into gaming which will mean more titles and features for ALL PS4 owners. In effect your anti-PS4K point of view advocates for less Sony profits and a lower level of Sony success.

Kidmyst994d ago

But to make it sell, Sony could phase out making more of the current PS4 and only make the NEO depending on it's price point. In the past when a slim model is introduced, doesn't that slim become the newly manufactured model? Once old stock of PS4 is gone, the only option to buy is the NEO.

DARKKENT994d ago Show
boodi994d ago

the point is that they want to deliver with psvr , and ps4 can't deliver a full blown psvr experience (imo)
and 1080 60 is a base for it (imo)

therefor since psvr is out in little time they need the right machine to couple it with

For me no probl if it is priced nicely I'll buy it

darthv72994d ago

@morgan... "Leaked documents reveal Sony has made it impossible for developers to offer exclusive material for the 4K version. No exclusive DLC or levels. No exclusive PS4K games or items. You will get exactly, and by exactly I mean precisely the same game and features you would receive were there no PS4K whatsoever."

And you really believe there will be NONE of this "whatsoever"? The simple fact that the games will have to have a NEO mode is in and of itself a form of exclusivity. NEO mode will not work on anything but a NEO console.

Performance improvements are a form of exclusive content because they are things that are not capable on any other variation of the hardware.

Kingthrash360994d ago (Edited 994d ago )

I must have touched a nerve huh.
I'm in no way a fanboy, I just think people are blowing the neo waaaaaaayyy out of proportion.
It's a better's the same thing as a ps4, just a definitive version of it.'s too simple to describe futher.
The only difference between ps4 and neo is neo has a updated hardware. That entirety it.
Same software
Same apps
Same controller
Same install base
Same network
Same store
One last thing. .."Sony defender"??
What exactly am I defending here?
Sony has done nothing wrong. Like it or not they are a company and they want to bring out the money says neo is for psvr, aka morphious. They want to be sure that psvr runs at a stable 60 frames...neo makes that feat easier. All other games will benefit from the extra power. There is nothing to defend, developers can complain all day...they don't complain when they put out rough games at a low rez and a low fps. 60 frames should be the norm in gaming, so should 1080p...this makes it possible. ..devs get all the extra money from dlc and microtransations they could they would charge for neo settings...but since they can't they complain.

oof46994d ago


How can ps4 sales eat into ps4 sales?

TheCommentator994d ago

One of the points I see Darkkent trying to make here is that early adopters weren't given a choice, and now there's a new and more powerful version of the console for existing customers to upgrade to. If they'd had a $600 PS4 Neo on launch day, and let consumers decide then which was best for them it would have made more sense. In contrast, what this does is alienate PS4 owners who would have spent the extra cash up front to own the best by forcing them to buy two versions of the PS4.

Sony let 40 million people push them out of their other divisions financial troubles, only to turn around and slap Ps4 owners in the face with the Neo, and we're all supposed to be okay with that? If you guys honestly believe a mid-gen console is a good thing then you're just deluding yourselves, and I'll be just as pissed at MS if they do it too. At this point, however, MS has only mentioned that in the future they forsee consoles as being upgradeable so they could be talking about making next-gen consoles modular just as easily as a mid-gen upgrade at this point. At least there's still hope that MS won't be a stupid as Sony in this instance.

oof46994d ago (Edited 994d ago )

"In contrast, what this does is alienate PS4 owners who would have spent the extra cash up front to own the best by forcing them to buy two versions of the PS4."
-How does this force them to buy two versions? If you want slightly better graphics and frame rate, then buy it. But, it doesn't force them. Forcing would be making certain games/modes/dlc exclusive to the Neo. Then, if consumers would have to buy the Neo, if they wanted access to these things.

WelkinCole994d ago

I am with you Darknet.

Its not money. I bought a fatty at launch for 650 total knowing that I will get at least 10 years out of it. Best dam purchase I made since I also bought a 1080p TV the same time.

PS4 though I have been waiting for the uncharted or the warhawk or the resistance of this gen but now we are getting a new console version instead?

As I said many times. This will change the console more to be more like the smartphone and PC market.

Companies in those markets just love to rip of their customers with the business model they have. Its going to be the same for the console market now.

Knushwood Butt994d ago

I don't own a 4K TV, and don't plan to get one at present.

If I did, I would want hardware that supports it.

What's the big deal?

994d ago
LamerTamer994d ago (Edited 994d ago )


Why all the Q,Q and salt bro?

No one is "screwing" anyone. You don't have to buy it. BTW the world doesn't revolve around you and your feelings. Maybe some of us rather play the same games but all in 1080p, smoother frame rates and less pop up.

There is now a choice, an OPTION. No one is forcing anyone to buy anything. Don't like it and think it is "stupid", fine don't buy one and then pretend it doesn't exist, then you won't know the difference.

PC GPUs are upgraded every year too and cost MORE than a PS4. No one forces PC owners to upgrade either, you don't see them whining.

You would think it is better for Sony not to upgrade and have the NX and Xbox One Point Five blow away the PS4 in power? You think it is wise for the PS4 to then be the WEAKEST console?

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TwoForce994d ago

@DARKKENT First, we don't know nothing about PS4 Neo. The Journalist wrote like that want more clickbait. I will wait from actual response from Sony.

daynnight365994d ago

The longer sony stalls on addressing this, the more of an impact it will have on current console sales. That new U4 console do you think ppl are running out to buy that? I dont. The game, yes.

phallusitator994d ago

I will buy one if they add support for 3.5"HD and another couple USB ports

kaizokuspy994d ago


This won't affect current ps4 sales. The majority of people who care about this stuff generally already have the console or was never going to purchase one. The avg consumer doesn't search the Internet and base purchases off rumors. Hence 40 million sold. I understand why some may be upset, but to say not addressing it will affect their current sales is a bit of a stretch.

TLDR: thsee rumors won't have an impact on sales, as the majority of hardcore console gamers will have already purchased the system, what's left is the average consumer who doesn't base purchases off rumors anyways.

nitus10994d ago (Edited 994d ago )


Actually I think Sony is waiting for E3 before making an announcement. In the interim for better or worse Sony is getting allot of free publicity.

Actually my super reliable crystal ball told me that the upgraded console will be able to project holographic images and play games at 8K, 120fps resolution to the the new virtual reality headset that is currently being developed for the upgraded console. What is even more interesting is the new headset will allow the user to actually feel and smell the holographic virtual world by projecting a virtual body or avatar of their choice and controlled by the users brain waves. Of course to protect the users physical body it is put into a state of hibernation then is carefully monitored and woken up if any problems are detected.

Some scare mongers are voicing their concern about the 10,000V hair line wires that allow for communication between the users brain and the computer interface, however we have it on good authority from the outsourced company concerned with making this device that there no cause for alarm and the device will be perfectly safe when it hits the market.

Prices for the upgraded console is expected to be about $450 for the console and $600 for the headset. For those that pre order within the next few days the player will get the new VR Sword Art On-line game. 😉

If you are going to start a rumour then do it right.

sk8ofmnd994d ago

Darkent just sounds like just got a ps4 yesterday... I for one have had mine since day one and will gladly trade it in for the neo. The ONLY thing i will not trade my ps4 in for is a ps5... But ps4.5... Come at me bro.

Also, the rumored specs arent going to give the ps4 neo that much of an edge in graphics over the orig ps4. Most devs prob wont take advantage over the neo until others take the leap of faith. I know 1st parties will do so right out the gate. Esp if it is met with open arms. Which i hope it does than all you ppl crying 😪 can stfu

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Muzikguy994d ago

This still isn't official. More conjecture and speculation to feed the Internet. "All but confirmed" because it's rumored, talked about how it'll affect current owners, compared with the specs of the existing console (without knowing specs of the Neo), and then rumored some more. Considering all the Neo talk, one would think there hasn't been anything newsworthy in the last few months 😏️

CyrusLemont994d ago

I was actually doing some research in regards to UHD BD compatibility for PS4 and happened across this...from October 2015:

"However, Ultra HD Blu-ray compatibility is something that the company is currently considering. Ito says, hypothetically speaking, they can indeed think of a way to make it possible, by making an enhanced PlayStation 4 model that is compatible with Ultra HD Blu-ray—but there’s more to it than that."

It seems like the response back then in the discussion below the article-prior to the supposed PS4.5 leak- was just as divisive, as it is now.

Personally couldn't be more excited to be getting a PS4k that supports UHD playback. It also seems likely the the additional power might create the possibility for PS3 emulation, as the console will have far more raw power. It doesn't seem like they're giving the console enough to classify it as the PS5 though. I mean I'm sure they have an idea of what kind of generational leap that will need to bring now. A PS5 will need to likely be somewhere close to high end current PC gaming machines. Which will inevitably middle powered in a few years.

nitus10994d ago

It is not official. The article basically says nothing.

I think until the so called PS4.5 or PS4 NEO or whatever it's going to be called if officially announced and the specifications revealed then all we are hearing is rumour and if you look up what this word means ( then it is best to just take all information with a grain of salt (idiom intended).

We also know that two much salt in your diet can be bad for you. 😉

Letthewookiewin994d ago (Edited 994d ago )

And to all the morons who think this is "horrible", shut up..... (Slo-clap can be heard in distance) I can't wait to replace both my PS4's with Neo's, because you know, I have the choice and Sony isnt making me or anyone else upgrade. I guess MS is doing it too because they're stupid also.... There is absolutely nothing wrong with updating if it doesn't affect the already established user base.

rainslacker994d ago

How is that official? Unless there's more to the quote.

All he said is it's normal for R&D to look for ways to improve the hardware. If you look at what's normal, that isn't a mid gen upgrade, just a more efficient system less prone to bugs or hardware problems.

Or to think of it's update is to think on the next gen of hardware.

There is absolutely nothing official in these quotes, despite what the article description says and what the article posits. It's just a translation of some quotes from Neogaf with all context left out.

oONinjavitiSOo994d ago

@DARKKENT is this your first console or something? Newer versions of consoles have been happening since the eighties bud. Slims, bigger hdds, and slightly faster processors just happened last gen too. Your rant is completely ridiculous. Did you get mad last gen when they put out the slims? Have a tissue and suck it up.

P.s. I've been a member of N4G since 2012 and have posted 78 comments. But you have 303 comments since creating your account in Nov 2015..... But you dont live on N4G righhht.....

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joeorc994d ago

How so? There is still no official statement..the closest you could get was we are further developing it as we go other words its as usual.. It could just be software..that is all in reference to.

donthate994d ago

It is pretty much a done deal. The official docs, and the comments from high ranking officials. All we need is, what is the price and when?

Dlacy13g994d ago

The only thing really official is me holding off on getting my PS4 until E3 or longer based on what they say and hopefully prices.

Rookie_Monster994d ago

Best buy is currently offering $200 for a PS4 trade in. Hmmm, tempting.

Aenea994d ago

You do realise you then actually have to own a PS4 in the first place, right?


MRMagoo123995d ago

it's normal to think of its update ??? what's that even mean? must be official now then lol

Mr-Dude994d ago

Well, technically he said " it's normal to think of updating". So the headline article is a bit exaggerated

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen994d ago

This^^^ 100%

There was no confirmation. People are reading waaaaayyyy to much into that comment.

freshslicepizza994d ago

sony has done nothing to put the rumors to rest so to me it sounds like they are indeed doing something. there is nothing to gain from ignoring it and could in fact have negative repercussions if consumers are waiting for it.

OB1Biker994d ago (Edited 994d ago )

He also says later he doesn't know and has no hardware information from Japan

MasterCornholio994d ago

Yep that confirms that he can't confirm anything.

joeorc994d ago (Edited 994d ago )


Exactly! Where does it it day and date say anything remotely in confirmation of anything other than its normal to think of updates?

Here is the Quote:

"PS4 has been developed to be compatible with VR, but within the life of a console research and development teams are still working on improvements,” Cardon said (as translated by NeoGAF).

“The current PS4 dates back multiple years. It’s normal to think of its update. However, I have no more information than that to provide.”

Many keep saying or trying to imply that the current PS4 cannot do VR properly.. What's proper VR for game console's? Since Sony is the only one doing Console VR , and will have over 500,000 PSVR demo stations across the United states..if the current PS4 would not be adequate. Why freaking use them to show off VR? Because Sony is greedy and wants to sell PSVR by any means Hook or by crook?

1st off first impression's are what can sink or float a product.. And if what many gamers are trying to imply or claim about the current PS4..Sony would have waited.

2nd the PSVR is not about power, you want VR that has excess power..go with the always..Yoshida came out and pointed out directly about yes PC VR is more powerful .but with Playstation VR were more accessible!

People keep trying to claim , oh The current PS4 does not have solid frame rates, or its resolution of games are being implied to be PS2 games in VR..

This whole PS4.5 talk is simply about trying to keep current consumers from buying the current PS4 and trying for the express purpose of slowing its adoption.. So as for another certain companies game console offering can get yet another chance to close the sales gap between the Two.

The claim about this is somehow some way confirmed is just twisting conjecture . nothing has been confirmed yet!

@game4funz29m ago
[PS4 can't do much in vr...needs to hav high framerate or you get sick.]

How many times is this going to be spread around?
The PS4 is taking the games native frame rates and reprojection does not alter the native signal! The reprojection is locked to that of the playstation VR screens refresh rate. Which the refresh rate of PSVR headset is 120Hz!

That's even faster that the screens refresh rate of Vive or the OculusRift.

So with all the demo events for such , you would have heard there was a big problem. If you have tried the headset already would have known this..and since there is going to be over 500,000 PSVR demo stations to try out PSVR what you are implying or claiming must not be wide spread if at all a problem of wide scale that its a big problem for majority of consumer's.

game4funz994d ago

PS4 can't do much in vr...needs to hav high framerate or you get sick.

kraenk12994d ago (Edited 994d ago )


Yet everyone who actually tried it confirmed that even the normal PS4 delivers VR which comparable to the PC, even better because Sony actually gas great games for it.

baodeus994d ago

People on here were pretty sure about software cant make up for hardware limitations correct?

Forget about VR, just look at current games running on PS4 itself, it is easy to reach 60fps without degrading resolution, texture quality, AA, etc? Look at ND (they are Sony tech wizard right), can they ran their game at 60fps at full 1080p without compromise? No, so what chances do other 3rd party developer have at maximizing games to ran them at 60fps on PS4 without any compromises?

Sony DEMAND that all PSVR games ran at 60fps (they were aiming for 90fps), so how do 3rd party developers developes VR games for a variety of VR devices (Oculus, Vive, PSVR) and fully visualize VR capability when one of the hardware, by itself, isnt capable without compromises? Does this look like the situation with Wii/Wiiu where most 3rd party just totally ignore developing game for it because it doesn't match up to xbox/PS consoles? PSVR is like the Wii in the VR battles.

Sony really want to push forward into the VR ground and if they wanted support from 3rd party (given that 3rs party demand powerful hardware), Sony has no choice but to upgrade their console. I wouldn't be surprise if you start seeing many of the VR games (require strong hardware) running on PS4 neo only.

With that said, it make sense to upgrade. I guess you can extend your welcome to console gamers to the PC world.

rainslacker994d ago (Edited 994d ago )

It's normal for them to look at ways to improve the hardware. But only the base hardware, not some full upgrade like it's a new gen. That in itself is completely abnormal. Which makes this less a confirmation, and more a "yeah, we're always improving" line that we see all the time from companies when asked about any changes that might be coming to the hardware...usually in relation to a slim model.

But hey, people will take whatever they can as proof. I'm still waiting on seeing these "leaked documents" which not a single person seems to know where a link exists.

Think of it this way. If these Neo rumors weren't floating around, every single person around here would think he's just talking about a slim. People are contextualizing their own meaning to suit whatever they want to believe.

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extermin8or995d ago

That statement kinda makes it sound like rumours aren't true and that it's just a slim. Could also mean it's normal to be working on a successor though. I expect the rumours are true though.

Mr-Dude994d ago

I think it's just a slim, more silent, power saving, more HDD space and maybe a little more powerfull. But no new full console like a lot of here like to think. Thats was also the case with the PS3 slim, people thought all kind of stuff, lot's of articles but in the end nothing big.

Aenea994d ago

Or he's talking about the PS5....

rainslacker994d ago (Edited 994d ago )

The more likely reply from a Sony exec if this were a thing would be not to say anything at all. Or their typical, "We don't comment on rumors or speculation".

There's really only a few possible scenarios I see right now on the actual Neo topic.

It's real, and Sony is waiting for the right time to announce it.

It's not real, and Sony isn't seeing any harm in the rumors, so lets them ride since there isn't much being talked about right now otherwise.

It's not what people expect, and it's just a UHD capable PS4, and they can't say anything, because denying a change in hardware would actually be lying, even if it's not pertinent to games...and they're waiting for the right time to announce it.

It's just really weird that Spencer says something about all this, then less than two weeks later it becomes a massive thing for Sony based on some website saying something about hearing something from someone who overhead it from someone else. It's either misinformation is willfully being spread for some purpose or media trying to get hits in a slow time for gaming. As incompetent as the media is in general, they aren't usually so inept at finding a named source, yet where are the interviews asking the questions? They don't exist, because they know that the second it's shot down, they lose all their hits.

Unbelievable just how willing people are to latch onto something like this with absolutely no verified piece of evidence provided by a single news outlet. Not one. Just their word...which they've been tarnishing for years.

Not saying it's not a thing, but way too many people are showing just how lacking they are in critical thought to accept all this stuff as fact, and then they go on to act like others are stupid for not taking it at face value.

Anyhow, sorry for the rant there. Sometimes it just happens like that.:)

donthate994d ago (Edited 994d ago )

The leaks are official Sony documentation and Sony isn't squashing the rumors. In fact, if anything official comments are indicating that it is in the works.

Everything points to Sony pushing it this holiday for PS VR. I'm curious to see it revealed at E3 this year.

LordMaim994d ago

@donthate: Can you give us a link to these "official" Sony documents that you keep referring to?

rainslacker994d ago (Edited 994d ago )


Really? Care to provide a link? I've asked many people on many occasions, yet no one has reciprocated. Real link to documents please. Not some guy saying he's seen them. I'm going to ask this question every time someone brings them up, because it's really getting annoying that people are accepting it, yet they are nowhere to be seen. You can nip that in the bud right now though if you know where I can read these documents.

You know I have access to where these papers supposedly came from, and can't find them. I looked because that's kind of part of my job to make tools which deal with the kind of "porting" between hardware like what's being talked about. In fact, it's exactly what my job description says I'm supposed to do. I mean, I don't really have to worry about it until my bosses say so, but still, professional curiosity made me look.

Is it more clear why I'm dubious on the claims of the veracity of these supposedly leaked documents? I'm not saying they don't exist, or that I would be able to read them if they were where they were supposed to be, and maybe even Sony removed them, but nothing I can find points to it actually existing, nor is anyone on the dev forums all around are talking about it in terms of it actually being a thing....which wouldn't be the case if it were a thing. PS4 and X1 talk was around at least a year before they launched, with a baseline spec to build to being provided about 18 months before their announcement with only a few modifications in the final specs. But this time...nothing.

It's unfathomable to me how an entire dev community can know no details on this whole thing beyond what the rumors state, and that they would be so indifferent to it. I even had a great laugh that games would have to be compliant come this holiday, despite no tools or API updates, absolutely none, Sony or third party provided, being available to handle any of this new stuff yet.

What is more fathomable is just how quickly people will accept these things as fact in the absence of any and all verifiable proof. I think it speaks volumes on their critical thinking skills, but I can at least understand why they could be swayed given the constant barrage of supposedly verified rumors, and the fact that nothing really surprises me anymore.

Edit: Also sorry, meant to reply to my original comment, not start a new one.

extermin8or994d ago (Edited 994d ago )

I'll get you link to both articles about it

Neither of those sites would have published those articles unless they were 100% sure their sources info was correct. Eurogamer got the info from multiple places and other people in the industry like Colin moriartey have said they've spoken to people they know in the industry who also say "this is real, it's happening, we have Dev kits" so it seems legit to me and I'm pretty hard to convince of things skeptical by nature kinda comes with studying science ; but this seems like too much specific info from multiple places. Let's bot forget the main hardware info about ps4 and xbox one also leaked ahead of the reveals and was very accurate.

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ArchangelMike995d ago

The question at this points isn't, "if" - but, "When" will the PS4Neo be released.

rainslacker994d ago (Edited 994d ago )

Nope, question is still "does it exist?"

Edit @ gagnsta below

Not clear to me. I haven't seen one shred of proof which isn't second or third hand, nor based on conjecture.

I don't doubt some change to the hardware is incoming, but I'd put my money on a slim model before I backed all these journalist which seem to be doing a half-ass job at finding any verifiable proof beyond them just saying it's verified.

How many well connected gaming sites are there out there? How many of these well connected gaming sites has bothered to try and pose the question to Sony, despite numerous trade events, and constant offers of interviews. Not that they would get an answer, but it's not like they're trying to hard to get the scoop.

I'm still waiting for these leaked documents...which apparently come from a source I have access to read first hand.

The utter incompetence at the press at getting this story out there in the proper fashion is just shameful.

gangsta_red994d ago

I think at this point it's pretty clear that something 'does' exist.