Microsoft Hardware teaser: 'Say Goodbye to Laser'

Microsoft Hardware, the unit that makes the company's mice and keyboards, has scheduled a Sept. 9 event in Seattle to unveil its latest product lineup. Today it launched an animation teasing a new product, with the tag line, "Say Goodbye to Laser."

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thereapersson3757d ago

One can only speculate what this could be...

kevanio093757d ago

I would have to agree. Windows 7 is putting a large emphasis on touch control, speech recognition ect.

Dont think the mouse will die so easily though. How would fps games be played?

RealityCheck3757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

I'm going to go on a limb and speculate that it will be a mouse with no trackball and no laser, just using internal gyros so no need to even be on a surface. Maybe this mouse could even be used as a wiimote clone for the PC.

Leathersoup3757d ago

I thought gyros only tracked rotation around an axis.

DJ3757d ago

The Sixaxis sensor for example can detect directional momentum, so it's not farfetched to see the technology in a mouse. This should be a pretty cool announcement.

Xi3757d ago

motion sensing is done via 2 gyro's and accelerometer. That provides all the requirements for 1-1 motion.

Leathersoup3757d ago

Ah ok. The person above me had just mentioned gyros.

You'd think you'd require more than one accelerometer. One accelerometer is capable of taking care of 2 axises but wouldn't the third axis still require a second accelerometer?

I can understand the gyro's being required for direction angle though.

Spydiggity3757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

well they've been talking for a while about infrared motion detection. basically it'll just track your finger movement. so there won't be a physical keyboard. you could easily do the same for a mouse. i'm not sure how'd i'd feel about that for gaming. and i'm just guessing, but we'll see. but i do think it's mouse related.

PoSTedUP3757d ago

its their next console and its all going to be digital distrubuted games with no discs and no lasers.

their was a console that was expose to come out around the begingin of 2000 that was called the "Dragon" or something along the line of that word. and it was a console that used no discs and all the games were installed and or downloaded but it didnt come out for some reason, i think it was too ahead of its time and they were paid off not to bring it out, dont really know the whole story though. but that would be the only logical suggestion of "no lasers" in a console.

it makes perfect sence too casue sony is starting to show digital distrubution in their nexgen games and MS said that digital distrubution is the future, i thats what i believe.

NO_PUDding3757d ago

USB so I can use it on my PS3 web browser :D

geda3756d ago

this is microsoft hardware. they make mice and keyboards.

M_Prime3756d ago (Edited 3756d ago )

It could be anything when u think about it

lsujester3756d ago

We should go back to trackballs. I miss taking out the ball to clean the lint from the bars. LOL

Blasphemy3756d ago

PostedUp your talking about the Phantom. It was basically strapped. I don't think it would have worked anyway we are not ready for DD. I just don't see a console being that successful with DD only especially with how big some games are now days and how slow our bandwith is stateside.

PoSTedUP3756d ago

yea thats it- the phantom, my bad. but yea man the only thing i cant think of with no lasers is DD, but you right about the huge games and poor bandwidth., i dunno what it could be then....

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Zhuk3757d ago

I wonder what incredible and revolutionary product the award winning engineers at Microsoft have come up with this time, undoubtedly it is light years ahead of where the competition are now

OmarJA3757d ago

" incredible and revolutionary product the award winning engineers at Microsoft "


juuken3757d ago


Are you serious?!

Pain3757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

Such sour losers that Sony's Blu-ray won they putting all there games On Flash drives!!!

have fun with M$ DRM kids.

@1? M$ Revolutionarily?? You beter hope there is a God kid cuz if not your Screwed.

and you should go work for Fox news (American propaganda news that is) the crap u spew is Light years ahead of them, u would fit nice there.

NO_PUDding3757d ago

Shame they can't do that revolutionary work for their software or games division.

blackbeld3756d ago

woww!!! that means more BSOD... and more work for me as engineer.. lol.. and more $$$$ for me..

JasonPC360PS3Wii3756d ago

Exploding batteries from Sony... We blow that smile right off your face.

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sak5003757d ago

Hmmm cool stuff can't wait for the announcement

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mrnjl3757d ago

Eye recognition would be cool. A camera can work out exactly where your eyes are looking at and the pointer follows. Would be great for FPS!

Sitdown3757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

and what do we do with people who have a lazy eye or cross-eyed. Also, in a first person shooter...I do not think it will be the you really think that your eye movement would be processed quick enough when needed?....and what would be the process of looking behind you when an enemy is approaching?

mrnjl3757d ago

lol..Well lazy eyed people couldnt use it. Also if your reading the cursor would have to dissapear. Hey Im not its even possible just throwing it out there...Blinking may be an issue and also looking at photos with your wife because when a picture of her hot sister comes up the arrow will go to her breasts =(

Spydiggity3757d ago

that's what peripherals are for. every guy has that skill mastered by age 14.

The Lazy One3757d ago

What do people with no arms do if they're trying to use a mouse?

it's the same kind of problem.

M_Prime3756d ago

people with NO ARMS or upper body motion have a little dot placed on their forehead and the motion of the head is tracked via a special camera.. which the sensitivity can be tweaked on massively so it can detect small movements..

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