IGN: Castle Crashers Review

Castle Crashers takes the best elements of traditional side-scrolling beat-em-ups and adds lots of flair. There's some great humor here and some nice surprises that will please most. Of course, the most important thing is that it's a whole lot of fun -- especially when you play with friends. While there are some cheap moments with enemies firing at your backside, the bulk of Castle Crashers is an enjoyable ride and one every 360 owner should experience.

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Omega43704d ago

Wow the 360 is on a roll with all these AAA arcade titles

Deviant3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

(braid and) this one ...thats all.did i miss something?

Fernando Rocker3703d ago

In August:

Braid, Bionic Commando, Geometry Wars 2, Galaga Legions and Castle Crashers...

All of those games with a minimun average rating of 8.5

Superfragilistic3704d ago

Man I'm going to need a college like fund for XBLA/PSN soon. Too many great games that my wallet's gettin dry! lol

kazuma3703d ago

yeah, devs really are ramping up the quality in dd offerings, which is bad for our wallets. retail + dd games = bankruptcy =D

RealityCheck3703d ago

Agreed, not to mention time. Adding DD + retail games, 3 consoles, 2 handhelds, I now have more games I want to play than I have time... it forces me to make difficult choices.

polow got sol3703d ago

This is just another testament of why XBL outperforms PSN in every way imaginable.

TOSgamer3703d ago

The worst part is most of you numbnuts are too stupid to do it in an entertaining way.

macsto3703d ago

xbox 360 is pwning my wallet :(

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The story is too old to be commented.