Games of 2007: PlayStation 3

The PlayStation 3 boasts a strong software lineup for 2007, but will supply issues, the loss of key exclusives and the price barrier mar the system's potential in the year ahead? Next-Gen takes a look at the PS3's most anticipated titles of '07…

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wolfgang5441d ago

I want to play DMC4 NOW. Come on, hurry up the production :)

Juevani5441d ago

all exclusives are hot, come 2 pappa..

super bill5441d ago

shame the ps3 is not hot though.

BIadestarX5441d ago

Supply issues? What are you talking about?

CAPS LOCK5441d ago

i cant wait for metal gear, warhawk, motorstorm, dmc4 and killzone.

i hope killzone lives to the hype and i think it will, because if motorstor, metal gear and warhawk all look that good then why wouldnt killzone?

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