Do We Want Halo 4 If Bungie Are Not Involved?

Rumours. They fill the time in between real news being released. We all deep down, perhaps secretly, absolutely love them. Especially when they are as juicy as Halo 4 appearing as a launch title for a new Xbox console without Bungie being involved. Even Passions couldn't come up with that one.

If we are to credit this rumour with even a grain of plausibility, could Gearbox actually pull it off? This article explores the background and ties to the original series that will tell us if Gearbox could manage to keep the Halo franchise on top.

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morganfell3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

EDIT: Thanks for completely changing the article... Not!

blackbeld3795d ago

you know.. that is good news.. cause bungie is crap of making halo games.. now finaly halo could be succesfull. then maybe there is still hope for 360

JUUKENS HOT3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

well they ported the other halos to pc so why not,will it be any good thats the question?

if the originators in bungie couldnt make halo 3 anything special whatsoever then what does the future hold for halo4?its just a cash cow now unfotunately and microsoft know this thats why itl be a launch title to try sell consoles

theres a new disease and its called HALO SYNDROME,unfortunately gta4 caught it, the symptons are all hype and no substance

yeh ill get disagrees from the 360 fanboys but ill tell the truth how it is which many gamers know im right just i have the balls to say it

Bombibomb3795d ago

I was one of the many that gave into all the GTA IV hype and I only ended up disappointed. I played for 5 minutes and then decided to return the game back to GameStop. Piss poor graphics, disappointing story / endings, smaller map area than San Andreas, etc.

Same goes for Halo 3. Stupid ending, very bad graphics, 640p, etc. The only sequel that truly delivered this year was MGS4. It's one of the best games I've played in years.

Gearbox will screw Halo 4 up. All will see.

Truplaya3795d ago

played for 5 minutes and you got to see a disappointing ending

Well done!

InMyOpinion3795d ago Show
SullyDrake3795d ago

Halo is overrated and overhyped. Let Bungie do something new.

InMyOpinion3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

Halo 3 - Over 8 million copies sold, a metacritic avg of 94 and still one of the most played games on XBL.

Following that logic you must consider MGS4 to be a total flop.

GiantEnemyCrab3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

Looks at the name and then looks at the avatar and then throws up!

Jenzo is right!(1.3)

Anyway, don't matter what they think Halo is more successful than anything on the PS3 currently.

Jenzo sales wise yes MGS4 is. Anyway, I want to play a game not watch it.

SullyDrake3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

It's good but I don't need it.

And how dare you compare MGS4 to Halo in any way! Shame on you young man!

EDIT: Look, disagrees! Mommy, I'm famous!

Fox013795d ago


just like the Metal Rear fanboys (just an example); they won't want a sequel to that game if Kojima isn't involed.

SullyDrake3795d ago

Sony should make Halo 4; then it might stand a chance against Killzone 2.

3795d ago
Fox013795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

Killzone 2 would probably sell better coz of it's graphics. It's pathetic though; coz Sony's trying to hide KZ 2's shyty gameplay with good graphics.

That said, no PS3 game (or exclusive) will ever sell as much as a Halo game.

Gears 2 is probably going to break a record too.

nieto3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

why people don't use the report button instead of arguing about nothing? this topic it's about "Do We Want Halo 4 If Bungie Are Not Involved?", if somebody starts talking about MGS4 or how KillZone2's gonna beat Halo in the genre of FPS then click "Off-Topic". as simple as that. but then don't come talking sh1t about how the ps3 sucks because of this and that. want to argue about stupid sh1t? then go to the open zone.

i'm just saying...

butterfinger3795d ago

the new team can provide the same great community support and online events that Bungie does. Halo is mostly about the online community, and that is what Bungie handles best. The story throughout the Halo games is entertaining at times, but not anything spectacular, and the graphics could definitely improve a bit more. The gameplay is undeniably great as well, but seeing as they handled the ports, I don't see this being a problem. As far as the off-topic argument about Metal Gear fans not wanting anyone but Kojima productions on a Metal Gear game; that is different than Bungie and Halo. Whereas it is easy to copy gameplay and online support, it would be much more difficult for another team to add anything believable (by fans of course) to the series. I can't wait to hear more on Halo 4, though:)

Hububla3795d ago

Sh!tty gameplay in KZ2?? and where did you get that information.. considering there is like 50 gameplay vids on the internet at the moment and one is over 20 minutes long.. the gameplay looks sick.. and every reviewer that has tried it had nothing but good things to say about it.. just remember dude just cuz you believe it doesnt make it true

TheDude2dot03795d ago

Jenzo and Crab:

Stop pretending that the only reason that people don't like Halo 3 is because they are fanboys. Sure they might be fanboys here, but that doesn't change the fact that a lot of people I knew that were fans of Halo were very disappointed with the third one.

Hell, I have 1 and 2 and still play those, but I am yet to buy the third. That is most likely due to the fact that I don't have Xbox Live, but still. Story was lacking and supposedly online makes up for it. I want a game that will be remembered for how great you could get into it, not some game where it's known as a frag fest online.

@Killzone 2 suxzor comments:

Because you know it sucks from experience right? Played it at GC? No, wait. You are journalists that got copies for previews and you all hate it!

Give it a rest. Halo is going to have a few spinoffs, but there should never be any "direct" sequel. It'll just end up like Star Wars. Great original trilogy, sucky second ones, and lots of spin-offs. Some actually migt be good (like SW:KotoR).

assassin2973794d ago

Wow you've read every review everybody who has tried Killzone 2 has written?! Well you must not have cause the one I read says the gameplay sucks and there's nothing good about it besides the graphics. Gameplay videos can't beat hands on impressions. How the game looks and how it actually feels can change drastically once you're holding the controller.

kevnb3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

I and millions of others actually didn't like Halo 3... how do you figure? Do you think people like to torture themselves?

mt3794d ago

i know that is not about the subject but comparing halo 3 with MGS4 is all wrong. they different genre and second you can't compare MGS4 to any game for now it is a masterpiece that is the truth.

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I toughNAME I3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

The greatest of gameplay, industry-changing innovative features, replayability, and Master Chief's sick one liner's...

If another developer can follow these guidelines and fill Bungie's massive shoes than yes I certainly would want that game.

Anyways, I'd rather Bungie be the one to work on the MGS4 port.

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KingME3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

What's that link to? MSG4 the cut-scene on dvd collection? /end sarcasm

You know people can try and put halo down all they'd like. Halo is a proven franchise and has the sells to support it. Additionally, 90% of the people bashing halo3 are PS3 fans most of which have never played it.

Also bomb, you play GTA for 5 minutes and managed to notice that it had Piss poor graphics, disappointing story/ending (wow in 5 minutes) smaller map area than San Andreas, etc.

So you traded it back to gamestop for 40 bucks,(a 20 dollar loss in 5 minutes) you don't seem very smart.

TheSadTruth3795d ago

I'm a 360 fan, and I can admit that Halo 3 fell short, very short

Bungie lied to their fans, and proved they don't have what it takes this generation.

Halo 2 was a masterpiece, it had amazing graphics for an Xbox game, brought the online experience to the console, and redefined multiplayer console shooters.

For Halo 3 they kept saying the graphics were "placeholder," and it's "only Beta." The graphics never improved, the story was mediocre, the online experience was just more of the same. Some developers just lose their edge after a while.. look at Rare.

I bought a 360 SOLELY for Halo 3, biggest waste of my money ever.. hopefully FFXIII and GoW 2 won't be mediocre.

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Shankle3795d ago

I don't want Halo 4. Just Timesplitters 4.

Ashta3795d ago

In my opinion? NOOOOOOOO~~~

If Bungie isn't making Halo 4 then it shouldn't be made. The reason I come to this conclusion is that I feel that if Halo titles were being created by other teams then they might run in to the same type of issues that the Silent Hill series is having.

Take a look at Silent Hill Origins and the upcoming Homecoming. It's still Silent Hill and it's still pretty darn scary but at times the continuity seems a little "off". It's like the last two games were being made to appeal to a certain fanbase except the fans of the series nit-picked at the titles due to little issues due to the changes made by the new team as opposed to the original team behind the stories.

Same goes for Bungie in that respect. How can anyone be sure that the next developers to work on a Halo title could hope to ever come close to creating something as comparable to the current Halo games in terms of story and continuity? Just sets the whole thing up for failure if it doesn't deliver.