Will a remastered Call of Duty 4 overshadow Infinite Warfare?

MWEB GameZone Writes: " With a remastered Call of Duty 4 releasing on the same date as Infinite Warfare, we may see Infinity Ward and Activision in a position to make a tough decision."

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HanCilliers1613d ago

It's a no-brainer, Modern Warfare remake pls.

skulz71613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

I'm betting it won't have multiplayer though, so it won't overshadow infinite warfare in that department. In terms of campaign, yeah it probably will.

WellyUK1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

why would it not have MP. the MP is the only reason in remastering the game... What does it matter if Activision get their money.

HoldenZA1613d ago

I will be bitterly disappointed if it is only Single Player. I think that people will demand the MP to be included as well.

WellyUK1613d ago

People would riot if it didn't.

Deadpooled1613d ago

Single player was great aswell (despite that stupid map marker directional bar thingy at the top, good thing they got rid of it in MW2), but I agree. Multiplayer or don't bother.

skulz71613d ago

Why would Activision split the player base between the new CoD and the old CoD? Think about it from their perspective. They want their new game being played more than the old. Of course I hope multiplayer is included though.

WellyUK1613d ago

From their prospective? They just want the money... Doesn't matter what cod we play they just see money, if CoD4 remaster boosts sales then that's all that matter. Doesn't make any difference what one people are playing. Plus if they see more are playing cod4 then they can remaster MW2 or maybe make the new games more grounded and realistic to boost sales again. What game people play doesn't make any difference what so ever as long as they get their money. So i have no idea why people are saying it wont have MP...

There is NO logical reason from their side for it not to have MP.

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Chexs19901613d ago

I'm saying yes. Yes it will. That's also the reason why it apparently comes bundled together :)

Der_Kommandant1613d ago

I would buy the game just for the bonus content.

ZombieDreddZA1613d ago

Please let this be true. 'All Ghillied Up' in HD and a real world multiplayer would be refreshing in the franchise right now.

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The story is too old to be commented.