Star Wars BattleFront For Nintendo Wii, What One Though? writes "It has been revealed through IGN podcast that Free Radical will be developing a Wii version of Star Wars Battlefront.

It is unknown whether this will be in fact Battlefront 3 or if Lucasarts will be giving us a spin off title which previous publishers and developers have done with the Nintendo Wii. "

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Odiah3757d ago

This should be good, disregarding Haze, FR make amazing games.

kosha3757d ago

Yeah it should be good but im still slightly dissapointed its not coming out on ps3 or 360. Ill just have to go and play it at my mates house.

Voiceofreason3757d ago

It is not exclusive to Wii and was never ever said to be. Only that this one company is working on the Wii version of the next game

DeadlyFire3757d ago

It will be BattleFront 3, and it will be on the other consoles and PC set for Fall 2009 you shall see it unveiled sometime between TGS 2008 and GC 2009. Hopefully Free Radical makes an awesome BattleFront game. They acquired the rights to the BattleFront series secretly in 2006 I believe. Well with about 2-3 years of working on this title or at least the concept and developing the game up for 2009. It should be spectacular when it is shown off.

From Sept. 2006 >

BrotherNick3757d ago

they did create timesplitters 2 on the gc and it's practically the same architecture. So I don't think they'll have much of a problem.

Odiah3757d ago

Furture Perfect and Second Sight. Both excellent games, I'll never get over thos cool psychic powers in second sight. Oooooooooh, maybe they'll incorporate them as force powers. That would be mega.

CNIVEK3757d ago

...what pathetic grammar. Is it really necessary to ccpy/paste the horribly written titles from a source?

LeonSKennedy4Life3757d ago

Apparently it is.

"What one though?" Obviously, it should be "which one". I saw that and about puked.

TheColbertinator3757d ago

Sounds good.I'm glad LucasArts is supporting Nintendo Wii with Force Unleashed,The Clone Wars,and this new Battlefront.

LeonSKennedy4Life3757d ago

What a mistake.

They know it would sell much better on 360 or PS3. What are they smoking?

BrotherNick3757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

They may think the controls fit the game quite nicely. People don't buy the wii for graphics...RE4 worked well in third person, this can too. I have one more to add to my list of games. I thought I'd come up with some data proving that it'll sell more on wii.

BrotherNick3757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

Here's the proof. gah, there's some error with image adding.
Wii version sold way more than the other 2.

TheColbertinator3757d ago


I see that 3rd parties may be sucessfull with the Wii eventually.

Voiceofreason3757d ago

They already are in many ways but most people just refuse to see it.

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