Metal Gear Online severs updated!

The following changes were made during the maintenance of the PSnetwork on the 26/08/2008:

1)Players will gain 5 reward points when they have finished a round in the automatching lobbies "SNAKE:EX", "LIQUID:EX" and "SOLIDUS:EX".

*The lobbies "SNAKE:EX", "LIQUID:EX" and "SOLIDUS:EX" are only available for users who have bought the "MGO GENE EXPANSION".

2)A new Survival Lobby "MK2" has been added.

You can find all this info at the bottom of the page, under "SERVER INFORMATION".

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MAR-TYR-DOM3702d ago

they moved the servers onto psn now?

pwnsause3702d ago

No, while the PSN network was going under maintanance, Konami was also updating the MGO servers, which are Proprietary Konami servers. its not that they were moving MGO to the PSN, hell if that happened, MGO could of been the best PSN game available at this present time, but Konami shot themselves in the foot for doing this.

badz1493702d ago

Konami is enjoying profitable run by hosting MGO off PSN! why would they want to do that? even Sony is not forcing them to do so! MGO will continue be only on Konami server as long as I can see and maybe they will put it on PSN comes a new HUGE IP like MGS4(MGS5 maybe?) sometimes down the road! I don't think Konami's server will be able to handle more than one HUGE games at one time! heck it crashed several times already due to MGO and even during the pre-order season of MGS4!

gameraxis3702d ago

how much is the expansion and what does it give me???

Cenobia3702d ago

It's about $12 US (I think $15 for the PLUS which gives an extra character slot). It gives you 3 new maps, access to Survival mode (where you earn reward points on Fri-Sun nights) and the characters Johnny and Meryl for use in any game. The characters have special abilities, but I've honestly never seen them used let alone play as one of them.

You can look it up, and buy it, here:

Cenobia3702d ago

It's nice that we got another Survival server. They always seem to fill up relatively fast.

The auto matching I don't really care about. The system seems pretty broken. Every time I try to join, it takes about 3 minutes to find a game. And 5 reward points isn't very much considering the people with the expansion can get at least 50 for each round of survival even if they lose (even if its only on the weekends). I don't mind it though, and will probably be trying those servers more often.

On a side note, did anyone else assume "EX" meant expert? I can't believe I didn't realize this earlier.

sinncross3702d ago


i have to download an update to use features that I cant even use, because konami wont let me buy the dlc.

thx a lot konami

Eromu3702d ago

Same here, their store keeps denying my cards so I can't buy the DLC. Part of the reason I haven't played any MGO in the last 2-3 weeks.


I really don't like what konami did with online. Just look at the lobbies names, they saved the best ones for gene expansion. Actually, the meat of this sandwich can only be reached from the expansion, this is crap strategy. If they really think that much this game could be stand alone, bette to just sell it separeted, because doing so they just locked many peole out of the real game (I'm brazilian, can't buy expansion, even having the money... In fact, I wasn't even supposed to be playing it).

vlazed3702d ago

Metal Gear Online has seriously wasted its potential. If they would have streamlined everything through the PSN this would have been one of the most played games online, but they wanted to be greedy and most gamers didn't want to deal with the hassle. Signing up just to play MGO was like pulling teeth. Hopefully they learn for next time.

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