The PlayStation Network Generated More Revenue Than All Of Nintendo Last Financial Year

Nintendo have confirmed in their latest investor’s report that the PlayStation network earned 529 Million Yen in the 2015/2016 Financial year. To tell you how impressive this is, Nintendo as a whole only cleared 504m in revenue.

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MightyNoX906d ago

Impressive, to say the least. Well done, Sony.

wellard906d ago

That's really not impressive at all. It's psn income right? The thing we are forced to pay for if we want to use multiplayer. Multiplayer which always used to be free until we started getting ripped Off.. No, I think the correct response is shame on anyone who forces people to pay to play online with friends. Greedy....

Cha0tik906d ago (Edited 906d ago )

Wait what? lol @Wellard... seriously? When PSN was free it was way worse than it is today... it went down more often... downloads took longer... and they didn't have the server infrastructure to hold anywhere near as many people as they currently hold on PSN today which is why when a huge online game came out on PSN the servers would shoot to shit. Building a stable working network takes money and if we are going to use a service they provide it isn't greedy to charge for their services so they can expand on them. The correct way of saying this is that you feel entitled to a free network just because it was free on a last generation console. It's still free on the last generation console and you're welcome to take a step down if you don't agree with the way business and growth works. This is very impressive.

Whirlwind_Fanfare_08906d ago

Hahaha! that's funny...... Oh wait, you serious! in that case, HAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!

906d ago
naruga905d ago

i m completely against paid multiplayer like PS plus (i dont have a plus account) however most of PS games as SPs are fully featured and complete experiences and if you r not so much for multiplayer competition dosnt bother you at all not-having PS plus

nix905d ago

i think there's a bug in thread system, if you Upvote or Downvote the Reply button disappears. You have to reload the page.

@wellard, i hope your point of view on Online Payment during 360 days were exactly the same.

Fatal-Aim905d ago

We also get share play, wellard

marioJP87905d ago

You do realize Sony was in bad financial standings? It was a great move on their behalf to earn some revenue.

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solideagle905d ago ShowReplies(2)
Shubhendu_Singh906d ago

Ouch. Well Nintendo, you got you NEED to prove yourself with NX.
Anyway, amazing job Sony. Keep beasting on.

Imalwaysright905d ago

If you mean that they should start charging for online play then I hope that they don't feel the need to prove themselves.

XisThatKid905d ago

The point is that a portion of Sony's revenue is over Nintendo's whole revenue. In other words your gripes are found injust in this topic. But hope you grab the scope of the convo now.

fenome905d ago

No, they should just start making things people want to buy...

MasterCornholio906d ago

Really proves how important it is to have a large install base. That's very impressive.

_-EDMIX-_906d ago

Agreed. The hardware itself is not really what they wish to make money from, it will be the software and services.

You only buy the console once, you'll buy games all year, you'll spend money on PSN with games and other services and clearly many will pay for PSN Plus.

If you don't have the software or services, selling the hardware is almost pointless. The goal is always to get the install base to get the games sold, not sell the game to get the console sold.

The console is only sold to you once, the games can be bought for years on end.

Kayant906d ago

True but PSN also likely isn't just "PSN" and includes things like Playstation Vue, Playstation Music a.k.a spotify.
Fake edit it does -

Still impressive nonetheless.

DragonDDark905d ago

Those are included in "PSN"

Vitalogy906d ago

Now if they generated all that money, why don't we get a better network? Why is it still a pain to download stuff from the store?

I have a symmetric optic fiber connection with 200Mb/200Mb and yet most of the times I can only download at 4~5MB from the ps store, its really frustrating.

LightofDarkness906d ago

Exactly. People all over Sony's own forums are complaining about this and nothing is done. A support engineer admitted over the phone to a customer that they throttle connections both on the console and on PSN. Why? They likely want to claim all that PSN money as profit and not have to reinvest it into the network. Like MS sort of did at first, but that's because they already had great infrastructure. They then went on to invest heavily in Azure which bolstered Live to seemingly unmatchable heights.

Seriously, try this at home. Over direct ethernet, my PS4 gets maximum of around 30Mbps (3.75 MB/s) over a 250Mbps connection. My Xbox One and PC, using the same cable and connection, can pull in 160Mbps (20MB/s). Some people who live closer to Sony's datacentres in the US can report higher speeds, but most of us are left eating from a very paltry bandwidth trough.

JackBNimble905d ago

Funny, my connection speeds are around 50 - 65 mbps and my net work package is nowhere never 250 Mbps.

WellyUK905d ago

Agreed I have a similar speed connection and i barely get 1/4 of the speeds when downloading on PS store. PSN however has improved which IS 100% because of the PSN fees, it's now solid but it's not great yet.

MRMagoo123905d ago

odd because I'm on 100mbs and I download at around 20mbs a second except for when I do a network test then it drops till I restart the ps4 otherwise always 20mbs or faster.

Christopher905d ago (Edited 905d ago )

I don't want to negate your experience, but... my PSN download speeds are freaking fabulous on my 75Mb up/down. It's on par with Steam downloads for me. I have issues with PSN, but download speeds are not one of them.

I do know that in Europe it is a whole other beast, though. They are severely lacking in many regions there.

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_-EDMIX-_906d ago

Wonder if that NX rumor with Nintendo making an app for PS4, XONE and PC is true. The rumor is that the app is a service which you pay per month to play Nintendo games and the NX can stream them.

If they are seeking to go into the services game.....good for them. They could have some subscription model like EA is doing for their games.

MegaRay905d ago

Now that an interesting rumor, even if its a little unbelievable..

TheUndertaker85905d ago

Why? They could increase their potential user base even on inception.

Plus they wouldn't have to put all of their eggs into the NX basket. They've made that mistake already with the WiiU and other previous systems that did not pan out.

_-EDMIX-_905d ago

Is it? EA is doing this. MS and Sony very much understanding that services make more money. This article is about PSN making more money then ALL OF NINTENDO. So I'm pretty sure they are seeking to go where the money is.

They don't have to focus on building an install base as EA didn't need to make their own platform to get that service running. They got MS on board, they would be golden if Sony was too though. They could over night grow their install base without actually needing to make the platforms.


MegaRay905d ago

I get what you're saying, but still, I feel its a little unbelievable. I mean unless Sony pay them, I dont see it happening. Still, I hope it true XD

_-EDMIX-_905d ago

Are they not on mobile right now? Who is to say they stop there? Did it not happen to SEGA? Coming on PS4, XONE, PC is a very realistic possibility considering their situation.

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