Diablo 3 Is Adding Actual iZombie Characters to the Game

The CW's iZombie show has crossed over into the world of video games thanks to Blizzard. Who could say no to Zombie-r Liv and Zombie Ravi?

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Orejillz2464d ago

I find this to be so weird.

DoomeDx2463d ago

Love the show! One of the more under appreciated shows on TV right now

Tdmd2463d ago

Hmm. That makes me curious to see what's that show is all about. If its cool enough to have its characters showing up in a blizzard game the show might be cool enough to follow as well. :)

phoenixwing2463d ago

I've heard from friends that the beginning isn't so great in the show but the later the episodes get the better they are.

Servbot412463d ago

So like just about every show out there? Almost every show I've watched has a rocky start because the actors are just getting to know each other for the pilot and first half of season one. People judge actual new shows too harshly these days.

callahan092463d ago

I love the show. It's hilarious and has a compelling plot and fantastic characters to go with the comedy. It isn't a comedy show, actually, but nevertheless I consider it one of the funniest shows on TV (and it is intentionally funny). It's kind of light hearted, but also it gets really dark and heavy sometimes, it's an odd balance that I'm not sure I can name anything else that pulls it off quite like it does. Season 1 definitely wasn't as compelling at Season 2 onwards, but it's worth watching to get to where it becomes one of my favorite shows.

Tallpine2463d ago

This is so strange. I don't see the connection. There are tons of more practical characters to add the the diablo universe, this makes no sense at all. Just weird.

2463d ago