GamesRadar: Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli Review

For all its efforts to simulate every aspect of throwing a Ferrari around a track, it seems that a few thrills and some sense of danger has gone. That's not to criticize the driving model, because it is very good, but it does feel sterile. Take the rolling start. You're thundering over the start line at 150mph with 15 other monsters and you hit the infamous first turn at Monza. There's tire smoke and screeching brakes, but none of the flying bodywork or spinning cars you'd expect to see in such a race. The AI-controlled cars seem too cautious. Maybe they're worried about incurring one of the game's speed penalties.

You'll love:
* Made by fans for fans
* Slick and generally satisfying
* Cars carry beautiful momentum

You'll hate:
* Only Ferraris
* Strangely sterile feeling
* A bit tough to pick up

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snow4life3757d ago

the sound of the cars!
could be allot better :(