Madden is the ultimate cash cow, are all being milked?

Madden Football, a franchise which celebrated its 27th installment with Madden 16, continues to produce updated games every year, and boasts multi-million numbers in copies sold. But as a Madden fan, do you truly need to buy Madden every year it’s released?

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gedden71564d ago (Edited 1564d ago )

No sh!t... First it was Madden was the cash cow, now its MUT. Are we getting a state of the art sports game because of MEGA profits they are getting from MUT???? NOPE. Slight improvements on OLD software... NFL 2k5 is.... OLD AS HELL It doesn't even matter that THE FACT is NFL 2k5 IS BETTER, EA isn't even trying anymore... The game is what 20 or gigs on next gen.. MLB the Show is 40+ gigs, NBA 2k 40+ gigs both are the standard for sports games. Models and Animations are much of the 40+ but in sim sports, animation diversity and poly models ARE VERY IMPORTANT. Within the first day I SAW all of new animations EA's dev team put into the game. But that's still just cosmetic, the AI and Gameplay has been ABOUT THE SAME FOR 10+ years.. People just want to A NEW NFL FOOTBALL GAME MADE NOT BY EA... Simple as that.

Gamist2dot01564d ago (Edited 1564d ago )

The person signing exclusive contract deals with EA for NFL games should be fired, imo. #SupportCompetition #BringBackNFL2K

Gridknac1564d ago

I really wish people would understand that we as consumers can stop this. If people wouldn't buy the B.S. every year it wouldn't be the cash cow that it is. Then EA would not be able to dish out the cash it gives the NFL for exclusive rights.

Honestly, I don't understand how a entertainment giant whose sole existence is based on competition cannot see how this is detrimental to the NFL brand. This business model won't be sustainable forever.

2pacalypsenow1564d ago

Who's "we"? If the consumer didn't want yearly maddens they would stop buying, but majority of football fan don't mind buying it every year.

Gridknac1561d ago

Consumers don't want yearly maddens. But they don't want not be able to play football at all. I'm sure you could find a couple of dumb asses some where that actually want a yearly madden. Imagine if you only bought a Madden ever 3yrs and every year they release an annual expansion for $30 that would equate to what they release every year now. Have a team that focused on the expansion and a team that took the 3yrs and actually developed a good football game worth the $60. That will never happen because there is no competition to force EA's hand. That's because the mindless sheep perpetuate a reason every year to justify being sodomized by a greedy corporation.

lastking951564d ago

I started buying it biyearly since 08. Now i never buy it since ea access lol i get it free.