Mario Kart 64 coming to Japanese Wii VC this month

According to a new list published by, which apparently comes from Nintendo, reveals a host of new titles heading to the Japanese Virtual Console this month.

Most notable on the release list is Mario Kart 64, a Nintendo 64 classic and one the best multiplayer titles of its time - perhaps of all time. As usual for an N64 title (although there's only been one other release so far in Mario 64) the game will cost 1000 Wii Points.

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Syko5248d ago

Damnit the one game I would buy off of there. Come on Nintendo cut all the crap titles for America, I already have them Emulated on my Xbox But the N64 Emulator is so-so and I would prefer a solid recreation of these games. Bring on the Zeldas and Mario Kart already Damn you N.O.A. !!