GameSpot: Tales of Vesperia Review

At its core, Tales of Vesperia isn't very different from its predecessors, but it's easily the best game in the series thanks to its great cast of characters and clever balance of storytelling and gameplay. It's beautiful, it's engaging, and it's fun, and while it won't challenge your combat prowess, it will challenge what you should expect from a modern RPG. This is, by any standard, the best recent example of how an aging series can be updated for contemporary consoles while still delivering what fans expect.

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Cocozero3708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

Possibly the best JRPG so far this gen.

Omega43708d ago

Cant wait for this to release in the UK

And to all who say it flopped it score better than Uncharted, R&C:TOD the same as Warhawk and a 0.1 away from Resistence. So if you consider those games AAA then you better consider ToV AAA as well