Warhawk: Operation Fallen Star Hits PSN This Week

Get ready for some more Warhawk as the upcoming downloadable expansion, Operation Fallen Star, is hitting the PLAYSTATION Network this week.

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sonarus3702d ago

I'm ready for custom soundtracks:D
I hope i can play this week

skynidas3702d ago

Yes, it will be awesome!

sonarus3702d ago

I have a question though. If you are in a plane and you eject suddenly, what happens to the plane does it go into hover mode and crash somewhere. Can you use the plane as a missle? (Suicide missions FTW:D)

Also can you get into an already hovering warhawk via jetpack:S

So many questions. Warhawk DLC always make the game feel like new. :D

skynidas3702d ago

I think that the plane crash somewhere but maybe it wont affect the enemy, yes you can get into a Warhawk that is in hovering mode.

Yes, this booster pack will change the game. it will make it more fast paced

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Dann79783702d ago

its gonna be funn

OHHH noes im about to die!!!! **Jumps out of warhawk and pulls out jetpack and blast the other warhawk with a RPG**

Silogon3702d ago

Awesome game, but it's a shame everyone who owns it is so damn cheap. I bought every expansion for it and no one ever plays on them, same with Resistance map packs. No one ever used them cause no one bought them. Reason being, they're cheap. Gamers are some of the cheapest people walking the earth.

I've seen homeless people spring for more than 90% of the gaming population. Gamers are cheap, are always looking for a deal on used games and always wait to Download an expansion in hopes it'll come out for free.

The biggest kick in the swab is this... Have you ever seen those gamers on your PSN list who see you playing the newest downloadable game and then they message you asking you how good it is and then follow it up with "wanna trade" ?

Gamers are the reason Walmart stopped doing layaways. Broke ass Dong bangers.

chewjya3702d ago

well if Sony would make the PSN Cards widely available, i'd purchase all 3 Warhawk expansion packs....

rsebes3702d ago

How does this stuff get posted as new? This is old news. See:

Contributors please check for duplicate stories. Period.

P.S. Since I'm commenting on this, I'm getting this right away.

For all of those that have questions regarding the new jet pack, check out all the answers at the official playstation blog here:

Read the comments, Dylan Jobe pretty much answers all the questions and some he probably didn't need to.

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The story is too old to be commented.