Short Pause Podcast #69: PS4 NEO Blowout & Is The NX Destined To Fix Nintendo's Software Woes?

Brent, Ben, Bender, and Frankie are back once again to talk about a busy
news week in the world of gaming! Topics this week include PS4 NEO, the
next Xbox, NX, Batman: Return to Arkham, Mafia III, and tons more! Kick
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tazmeah956d ago

As much as I like the idea of the NX gaining mass support from 3rd party titles, I really like that Emily Rogers is suggesting we be really excited about the software output! A heavy mixture of beloved Nintendo franchises and brand new IP's would be fantastic for Nintendo. Kind of strong that we won't be seeing anything NX at E3, especially since the darn thing will be launching 3 or 4 months before next years E3.