Guitar Hero World Tour's Mystery Peripheral is Not a Keyboard

Alright, all you people that bet on keyboard for the mystery peripheral coming to Guitar Hero World Tour's Studio mode -- it's time to pay up, as Neversoft's Brian Bright has said that that accessory won't be added to the World Tour instrument lineup.

"No, there are reasons why we haven't included a keyboard controller. Not all of our songs have keyboard parts, so we didn't want someone to come into a game, pick up the keyboard controller, and then have nothing to do in any of the songs that are selected. We wanted a big mix of music in World Tour and adding a keyboard controller would either have limited our choices, or the players'.

A keyboard controller deserves to be introduced with its own game. This is something we're thinking about." -- Guitar Hero World Tour project director Brian Bright to Joystiq

Mystery peripheral of of World Tour's Studio mode aside, are you guys getting giddy over the thought of playing Keyboard Hero in the future as Bright deviously hinted at?

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Not to say, if you can push the keys rightly on a kayboard for gaming, you can do it on any synthesizer, piano or organ.

Much more productive to hook up you Yamaha PSR-3000 and follow a partiture or any tablature software.

The only way to a game look more productive to me is if it can read your entries on any keyboard and put that into a line like Guitar Hero do with the little guitar neck buttons.

The good side of this is: such a game would yell JAZZ all over it. Devil may care for the setlist?

PhantomMD3705d ago

I betcha I know what it is ...cuz I got a fever and the cure is more cow-bell!
or could it be a smoke machine?