Can the PSP-3000 Defeat Homebrew?

PSP World Writes:

"Unauthorized hacking of the PSP has been a serious problem for Sony ever since enterprising hackers managed to run unsigned code on the PSP-1000 back in 2005. The ability to revert to an unprotected version of the firmware, and later the ability to install completely custom pirate firmware has enabled some owners to play pirated PSP games downloaded from the internet.

Clearly, defeating piracy is one of the biggest concerns facing designers at Sony. It appears that the company may be planning to take some drastic steps to deter homebrew on the device with the release of the new PSP-3000 model, but like always, the company remains very secretive about its plans."

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clinker3706d ago

Piracy on the PSP has been one of the major reasons for a lack of high-quality third-party support.

On the other hand, long load times and other annoying problems with the UMD format also contributed to the piracy problem.

Baka-akaB3706d ago

i disagree its their official excuse .

Real reasons is they planned on dropping their ps1 ... ps2 ports and spin off crap and it backfired ... while the DS made a killing .

With games like God of war , monster hunter , ff7 crisis core , and the actual real PSP game coming so late , without homebrew the psp would have been paperweight for at least a whole year .

TheColbertinator3706d ago

Doubt it.Hackers are methodical and the only thing that has halted them has been the PS3.But even that has been hacked so with this PSP model,its only a matter of time

kwicksandz3706d ago

theres no way ill buy a 3000 if i cant run homebrew apps on it.

lilmetal3705d ago

PS3 is still not hacked.

MAiKU3705d ago

Actually there was a successful attempt to load a backup version of a game without using a ps3 disc.

Qdog3705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

Exactly when and how has the PS3 ever been hacked? You would have to disable the Cell processor in order to run unsigned code, as there is a core specifically dedicated to hypervisor protection at ALL times, so there's no way to install a mod chip, hence no way to run unsigned(unauthorized code as of SDK 2.1) code, which is why the PS3 has NOT been successfully hacked... Is it possible? Yes, but very unlikely as you'd have to work in the upper echelons of the Sony Corporation, to have access to a dev kit. So you my friend have submitted a false statement even implying that the PS3 has been hacked. The attempt I think your referring too is the Warhawk backup, by Team Ice, which wasnt a hack at all if you read the EULA when downloading the game. You fell victim again to Team Ice's smoke and mirrors video trick.

MAiKU3705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

Google, do it yourself, don't ask questions that you can answer yourself next time. Taking that into account, and no it wasn't a warhawk game i saw, it only takes a matter of time before someone tries to go to another step and acctually succeeds with it.

As long as there are chips, programs, codes, and software, it's hackable. The only question is can people come up with the right kind of code.

mfwahwah3705d ago

Unless you yourself have hacked the PS3 (and have QUALITY proof), then I don't believe it. Those people claiming to run backups on the PS3 are full of ****.

Qdog3705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

How could you run native code on a disabled processor? Anything is possible?... Heck the pope could all of a sudden come to my barracks and name me his holy successor, but it wont happen though...There is no GPU access, there is no 7th SPU (or eighth for that matter) access, there is no TSCC access(Toshiba Super Companion it), and there is absolutely no advanced directive, or native code interception...So time is not a factor, licensing a Dev kit thats numbered and tracked by Sony is a factor, and trust me, it wont happen. Sony didnt treat the PS3 as it did the PSP, there is no backdoor, there are simply, preconfigured developer kit models, and consumer/business models. See your not just dealing with a PC clone, like the architecture of the 360/Wii... It's a radical new and under-developed architecture, that the industry has been slowly moving towards since the 286 PCs of yester-year. You cant just compile code from a pc and get it to run on the PS3, it has to be written from the ground up in streams, not packets, so I find it hard to beleive that with all the security based developements within the console, that most were unaware of, that this console is only a peice of pie to hack.

I've used this once, and I will use it again...I would wager, or even be so bold as to say that Sony has made it extremely tough,(nigh impossible), for console hackers and pirates to succeed on the PS3 platform, because unlike the PSP, Sony attacked the possibility of piracy on all fronts within the console...from the DRM on the Blu-ray discs, to the hardware, and software(Hypervisor, that sends random usage info) anti-piracy implementations, they even threw in firmware updates for overkill (to fill in future holes, that devs may leave), they seem to also have used a larger less viable(for piracy, due to size) format with blu-ray...all while actually using an on-die method(a core within the processor itself dedicated to security and halt execution, which rules out using a modchip to circumvent security measures, without disabling the processor itself) to deter piracy, and hacking... So this makes the PS3 a very viable solution to console piracy, and possibly one that other console manufacturers will likely implement in future iterations(generations) in their own way.

Sorry if I seem stand-offish, but I am so very tired of uneducated people spreading myths and rumors, and trying to blemish a record of quality that obviously deserves credit where credit is due, and that record of quality my friend would belong the engineers at Sony that created this technical marvel , and brought it to the gamers for a fraction of what it was actually worth.

MAiKU3705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

Like i stated before, anything can be hacked as long as there is something to hack. The only thing that remains is how long it takes to do it, there is no programmable hardware out there that isn't hack proof. The only thing a developer CAN do is make it harder.

I think a long time ago people made the same bold claims before about the psp slim being hack-proof because removing the firm-ware also deleted vital psp coding that was necessary for the system to work and yet there are plenty of home brew programs to run on your psp slim now.

I'll never use home brew because i don't want to modify and possibly permanently damage my psp, that doesn't go to say that I'm unaware of how possible it is.

By the way, I'm a sony fan and i own both a psp and ps3. But i don't approve of these activities since it hurts the company's profits.

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princejb1343706d ago

yea if it cant support homebrew no reason to get it, one of the reasons psp has sold so much its because of the homebrew

haujohnny3706d ago

could anyone please tell me what website i could download psp games

Julia Bond3706d ago

just google 2girls1cup all the games youll ever need



Qdog3705d ago

For an alternative psp game download site, you could google, but you have to wait for the front page to load.

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f7897903706d ago

Why would anyone waste even more effort on a different version? If you are this late to the game you most likely are not going to be wanting custom firmware.

mfwahwah3705d ago

My friend has a 1000 model just for homebrew. If he actually wanted a PSP for a PSP, he'd buy the 3000, sure. That's just not the case.

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