New GTA5Redux Screenshots Show Graphical Improvements Over Vanilla Version

Josh Romito has released a new set of screenshots for his upcoming graphics overhaul mod for Grand Theft Auto V. According to the modder, GTA5Redux will feature brand new, 4k, fire, explosion, smoke, particle effects, and new debris textures. In addition, this mod will sport newly worked physics and explosive reactions, as well as an entirely overhauled [...]

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Crazyglues1647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

Ok cool, let's just hope Rockstar does the same thing for the PS4k version, that would be awesome... upgrade all the graphics with some nice new tweaks with better lighting and draw distance...

I'm excited to see what it would look like...

Valenka1647d ago

I wasn't aware Rockstar was actually making a PS4K version. Are they really going to milk the game a third time?

Crazyglues1647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

@ Valenka...

Well based off of the info that leaked, what will happen for older games, it will be up to the developer to just add a patch, So I don't think they will milk the game, as much as it will just be a free update that pushes some of the extra benefits you get from having a PS4k..

So just some minor upgrades that increase HDR, and UHD and give you a closer feel to the PC version if not a direct port. As the PS4k might actually be able to run that version. Which would be amazing

Just like I'm sure Uncharted 4 will probably get a PS4k update...

Valenka1645d ago

@Crazyglues, Uncharted 4 wasn't released twice already.

nowitzki20041647d ago

Rockstar aint doing this. Its a user made mod. The guy clearly has talent. The beauty of PC gaming.

OhMyGandhi1647d ago

Let's take a step back and just understand what happened.
I wouldn't of dreamed that gaming would look like this pretty so quickly.
...And it's a mod. By one person.

That is insane.

Gaming4Life19811647d ago

OK I didn't want to buy this again but I may have to buy it on pc just so I can mod it. This is why I love pc gaming , the mods and not just the graphics ones but all of them.

1647d ago
Igihara1647d ago

Just seems like a SweetFX/ENB change imo..