Eye On '07: PlayStation 3

While it'll only be in Europe for three quarters of the year at most, and it's largely accepted that the first year of any console's life is generally a somewhat sparse one on the software front, a quick scan of the release schedules shows that PS3 actually has some very interesting prospects ahead of it this year. It may not be able to match the full head of steam that the Xbox 360 has built up just yet, but if Sony can deliver some of the headline titles on this list on schedule, the PS3's hefty price tag might start looking a little more palatable...

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Juevani5236d ago

European launch will be the best launch ever.. none of the nex-gen consoles have done (wow) so far in europe but the PS3 will with all the titles available at launch : MotorStorm,HeavenlySword,Assas sin-Creed,Lair,R6Vegas,DoubleAg ent,RFOM,GRAW2,UT2007(?),VF5,CO D3 and many more..