Driver, Brothers in Arms coming to Wii

Ubisoft's Spanish operation seems to have revealed four more Wii games coming from the company, including Brothers in Arms and Driver.

Brothers in Arms: D-Day, as the Spanish release document lists, is presumably a port of the recently-released PSP game which mixes-up the best bits of previous series entries as well as adding new content and a co-op multiplayer mode.

Adding to the port extravaganza, the second and third Wii games listed are Driver Parallel Lines, which was released for PS2 and Xbox last year under Atari, and Cosmic Family - originally a PC game geared towards younger players.

The fourth - thankfully non-port - title is the oddly-named Spelling Spree, which we're guessing is some sort of Brain Training-style think-'em-up helping players improve their grammar. Sounds like fun.

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