UGO: Good Old Games beta impressions

UGO writes: "It used to be that fans of older PC games - say, those released outside the past two or three years - had a limited set of none-too-attractive options for getting their nostalgia on. Beyond the dusty recesses of one's closet, pretty much the only legal place to turn has been auction sites like eBay. Digital delivery services such as GameTap made things a bit better for those with a persistent Internet connection, but it's hardly an ideal solution for all.

"Enter Good Old Games. The soon-to-launch service deals exclusively in PC games, offering a number of bullet points which provide an edge over the competition. Unlimited DRM-free downloads and full Windows XP/Vista support are the two main selling points, but a price point window fixed between $5.99 and $9.99 certainly doesn't hurt either. We've spent the past couple weeks sampling for ourselves, trying out a couple items from their catalog to see how it all measures up. And things are looking good."

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