Hey Poor Podcast Episode 62 - Hey Poor Player

This week on the Hey Poor Podcast, Jay, Adam and Mike talk about the Playstation Neo, from what it is to who it's ultimately for. Other talking points include Wii and DS shovelware, the changing upcoming climate of this year's E3, Dark Souls III, Ratchet and Clank, and vaping, for some unholy reason.

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EvilAsh2529d ago

The Ratchet and Clank game was a nice surprise. I'm about to start my 2nd play-through.

dead_pixels2529d ago

Still on the fence about the PS Neo. Can't fault Sony for wanting to release it, but I don't know that enough games will take advantage of the new tech to make it worthwhile.

derkasan2529d ago

I don't know how E3's going to be this year. Sounds like it'll really be scaled down.