Naughty Dog shoots down Jak and Daxter 4 after concept art leaks

The success of Insomniac's Ratchet and Clank reboot has us more excited than ever for a new-gen Jak and Daxter game. Unfortunately, Naughty Dog doesn't share our enthusiasm.

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SlappingOysters2525d ago

Such fond memories of the first game. Didn't love the next two as much, but open-world games kind of lose me. More Jak would be a good thing.

Yukes2525d ago

Come on Naughty Dog, you could do wonders with the Jak and Daxter series with what you've learned from The Last of Us and Uncharted 4!

itBourne2525d ago

It's a waist of time for them. They are far to talented to be limited by the Jak series. Besides, why waste such talent on another sequel = / That is all anyone wants is sequels, if we got what people wanted The Last of Us would of never existed... then everyone is like omg ND make Last of Us 2, omg make Jak. I say let them keep making brand new experiences, instead of another 6 years of sequels. They are so massive now, you dont even need sequels, slap Naughty Dog on it and it will sell.

Now I would be down for another studio to make a Jak and Daxter game. Maybe Sanzaru Games, or maybe outsource it to someone who is very familiar with ND and with games like Jak, Insomniac Games ^^ Their new Ratchet is nothing but a joy to play.

KentBenMei2525d ago

Good, don't waste your time on it. Let a different company do it, if any.

rezzah2525d ago

Jak and Daxter is never a waste of time. Besides ND has 2 groups to work on multiple games, it would be wasy for them to work on 4 if they wanted to.

Retroman2525d ago

@ rezzah

Still might be surprise announcement this E3

that would blow my mind.

WickedLester2525d ago

Agreed. A new Jak and Daxter would be a waste of Naughty Dog's talent. Give it off to another developer.

Sweetbrandigirl2525d ago

Yes it's easy money but the problem is it's too little money. They will make a 100 times more off of TLOU II !

Fishy Fingers2525d ago

I know they have several teams but I'd rather they concentrate on new IP, preferably with more mature tones.

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The story is too old to be commented.