Will the Real New Socom: Confrontation Screens Please Stand Up?

Kotaku: "When I got those Socom: Confrontation screens yesterday I knew something wasn't right. In fact, I had to look to make sure the game wasn't also coming out on PSP. Turns out we received some older images accidentally from Sony. Today we got the real new ones and boy does the game look good! This is the high resolution texture goodness I was expecting from the next generation Socom. More images after the jump."

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lodossrage3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

"Turns out we received some older images accidentally from Sony"

BS, they knew those pictures were old. People just kept harassing them about it until they posted the RIGHT images

And before someone says I didn't call it, check comment 2:

CViper3707d ago

pretty much. I'm just glad things are turning around to where Kotaku can't just spam anti-sony nonsense.

Panthers3707d ago

You can check my comment on there as well. It was obvious.

Syronicus3706d ago

It's Kotaku... Did you expect them to be honest? Heck, this is no surprise that they posted poor pics to aid in their mud tossing at the PS3. I am actually shocked they made it right... Now this is a day to mark on the calendar.

mfwahwah3706d ago

People can't make mistakes anymore? I understand you all hate Kotaku, but it's like a conspiracy theory now.

lodossrage3706d ago

Sure mistakes do happen. But this isn't the first or second time that Kotaku has done this same exact thing.

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Beg For Mercy3707d ago

ps3 owners including myself have a lot to look forward to this year offline onlnie casual gaming ps3 has got you covered and the dark knight on blu-ray, man things have changed since when the ps3 first launched, then at the beginning of 09 killzone 2 drops right away, man sony keep em comin.

Liquid Dust3707d ago

Im really looking forward to this one...i think...not gonna lie i havnt had a ton of experience with any of the socoms, but this looks like a title to really get into. I guess I missed out on the first ones cause i really wasnt into online gaming on the ps2, but now im really gung ho on the ps3, lets do this

OCT 21st LBP

Fall be lookin good

name3707d ago

Approved just to widespread kotaku's stupidity.

PirateThom3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

I think we can all get behind that.

The fact they posted the other screenshots BEFORE making sure they were right really does just show how their system works.

Syronicus3706d ago

Typically they post up some blatant garbage but this was just stupid of them.

Jandre023707d ago

Banned to the open zone for calling someone a douchebag, who called someone and idiot lol. And they freaking took two of my bubbles.

Anyways, SOCOM is going to take over my life yet again :-(. Open beta starts next Monday, my SOCOM school for machine gun noobs will follow the day after. There I will show you all how to really aim, since that spraying crap from COD4 won't fly on Socom.

Kyur4ThePain3707d ago

If you knew what the fck you're doing, you would have known those to be old in the first place and not posted them as "new".
Instead you now blame Sony for your own fcktardness. Stupid idiots.

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