Playing Dirty: Soul Calibur IV's DLC throws more than dirt in your face

By now, we have all come to the realization that sex sells. Video games marketed to the teen and beyond generation have recently begun to include even more explicit posturing from the female entities. More recently, you have probably noticed such content from Soul Calibur IV. As if the protruding breasts and exposed underwear fail to warrant your attention, Namco looks to direct that attention to the downloadable content that can erect some activity from your pocket book.

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Rock Bottom3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

In other news...

Cassandra is looking hot(as always). <3

Strife Lives3731d ago

With more girls than guys on earth,some of you need a gf. Reallly.DLC and Scamco goes hand in hand since they released Ace Combat6. And its all on the dvd anyway! Even Yoda and Vader!

marichuu3731d ago

TBH I downloaded it before I read what the "Equipment pack" included. So this article fails.

arngrim2293731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

wait guys please tell me what is this guy talking about???? is there a new costume pack???? because the last and only dlc they did was mostly guy armor sooo um yeah if there is not another content download this guy is just ranting. i mean it is cheap that they pull that crap on us, but u know lol people dont have to buy it, me im one of the idiots who doesnt think 1.50 is alot of money and i love creating characters so i buy ;p so plz tell me if theres a new set of costumes lol

*edit* wait this content is only in europe??? and only lets u make a maid outfit??? are they serious??? or are there alot more outfits to make aswell???

marichuu3731d ago

Equipment "Pack" 2 was only the maid outfit.
Yea it's a scam, only if you read the info before downloading, which I didn't ;<

arngrim2293731d ago

so wait just the maids outfit is more expensive than the equip pack 1 which had like 7 pieces???? thats horrible, namco sux wen it comes to that, they need a real equipment pack! like 100+ items *sigh

Baka-akaB3731d ago

What a useless article.... scamco is scamco , but they havent sold yet any "sexy dlc" .

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