TeamXbox: Duke Nukem 3D Hands-On Preview

TeamXbox writes: "'It's time to kick ass and chew bubble gum…and I'm all out of gum.'

As soon as you hear that line spoken at the start of Duke Nukem 3D, you know what kind of experience you're going to be having. Duke is out to save the world once again, as the storyline states-but he's going to do it his way. And if that involves flipping a couple of bucks to an exotic dancer in the meantime, that's what he'll do.

Duke 3D is a classic first-person shooter from 1996 by Texas-based gamemaker 3D Realms, and it was a title that furthered the growing 3-D FPS genre. It was at the same time exciting and irreverent, cutting-edge tech and cheeky-combinations that weren't too common in games of that period. The era was filled with princess-saving fare and obscure animal/heroes (hedgehogs and bandicoots, oh, my…), and Duke comes along to save the day with a cigar in the corner of his mouth (and pithy exclamations coming out of the other side), a cache of weapons on his back and an itchy trigger finger. He was like Dirty Harry, John McClane and Rambo-a guy you wouldn't invite to share your dinner table or date your sister, but who you'd want on your speed dial in case someone did you wrong."

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Nevers3703d ago

I loved playing this game back in the day... and I got a free copy off a disc but it was so old, I couldn't get it to run on my pc... so looking forward to some Duke.

"I feel like drinkin' a gallon o' turpentine, and pissin' on a brush fire..." ~ Duke

ape0073703d ago

"damn those aliens scums gonna pay for shooting up my ride"

best sentence ever.