Kombo Review: Too Human

Kombo Writes: "An idea that was nurtured in utero through two console generations before finally emerging and riding a new wave of hype and drama as a first-party project on the Xbox 360, Too Human has defined Silicon Knights for almost a decade and for better or for worse it will most likely be the game that defines their legacy in the industry. It's fitting then that the game so perfectly embodies all of the traits that have characterized the developer's previous work, chief among them a powerful and inescapable sense of untapped potential. There are hints of greatness littered throughout Too Human but all of them come handcuffed to a host of nagging problems that keep the cumulative experience from reaching the heights it could have. Most of those problems stem from the fact that the game can't seem to decide just what the hell it wants to be, so it comes off as an awkward action game and an underdeveloped RPG instead of a smooth blend of both genres. Too Human isn't a disaster or a triumph; it's caught somewhere in the middle as a perfectly acceptable, albeit somewhat pretentious Diablo clone."

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