Yellow Dog Finally Gets Into Bed With PS3.

Turn your PS3 into a fully fledged PC with Terra Soft's Yellow Dog Linux, which you can now order pre-installed on this year's must-have toy.

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videl5246d ago

yellow dog linux ist cool, it works flawlessly with the ps3 !

Bebedora5246d ago

This is an addon worth having for me.
Will be fun watching the PS3 linux scene to come.
I wont expect any spectacular 3D-games, but since cell in it's own can act as a gfx card (??) I hope scaling a videostream is manageable in mplayer, vlc or xine. (ofcourse having Blu-Ray read func() as well would be nice)

as said fun to see what's manageable.

CAPS LOCK5245d ago

what is so good bout linux? i mean i know what it is but what are the benefits? and why the big deal? is it like hacking the psp in a way? plzz answer me.