What were the best VR games at PAX East 2016?

Joe from GamersFTW writes: "So we wave goodbye to another year at PAX East as it disappears into the twilight of history, and now we look towards the bright future that we caught a glimpse ahead of us at the event. In retrospect, there were plenty of exciting prospect that we saw at the show; Outlast 2 got everyone incredibly anxious for all the right reasons, and Cuphead charmed its players with its beautiful presentation when it wasn’t being controller-breakingly hard. However, the focus was on VR once again as it’s starting to stand tall and overshadowing any event like a looming behemoth of the future of gaming. So, what were the most tantalizing VR games of the show?"

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MrsNesbitt3007d ago

I sincerely hope Outlast 2 has VR! :D

zcmilano3007d ago

Thumper and EVE Valkyrie look frigging awesome!


Multiplayer JRPG 'Soul Covenant' Coming to All Major VR Headsets Next Month

Thirdverse, the Japan-based VR studio behind Swords of Gargantua, Altair Breaker, and X8, announced that its VR multiplayer JRPG SOUL COVENANT is coming to all major headsets next month. Developed by the core team behind SOUL SACRIFICE (2013), players are thrust into a post-apocalyptic Tokyo in the franchise’s first VR expansion.

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“Survival horror and VR go well together” - Producer Hints possible VR Version for the RE Series

In a very recent development, Capcom has announced that the VR mode for the “Resident Evil 4” remake is scheduled to be added on the 8th of December as an update and will support the full main story campaign, offering an unprecedented gaming experience to its users. However, RE Series fans have another reason to rejoice as there is a possibility that RE Series might get a VR Version in the future.

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Abnor_Mal228d ago

This I would welcomed, haven’t replayed any of the older games since released years ago. VR would definitely get me to replay them all again. Make it happen Capcom.

MrBaskerville228d ago

Psvr2 version of Re7 and Re2Remake would be fire.

Tacoboto228d ago

Capcom porting anything to SteamVR would be fire.

Petebloodyonion228d ago

You can already play RE 2-3-7-8 on PC via VR mods (Praydog) they offer hand-tracking movement (like PSVR2 Village) and full VR cutscenes.
THE RE7 mod is better compared to the old PSVR version due to hand tracking.

Tacoboto228d ago

Modding != Official Support

Petebloodyonion228d ago

"Modding != Official Support"
You can still play it in VR and worse it shows that this is far from a complicated feat requiring a full studio with tons of money since it's been done by 1 guy working on this mod from time to time.
So basically this could have been done by Capom a long time ago.

And again You should try (it's pretty easy to install) for Res7 for It's improved even on the PSVR version of the game.

Vanfernal228d ago

Spencer Mansion in VR would be AMAZING. That is my favorite video game setting of all time.

Babadook7228d ago (Edited 228d ago )

Itchy... tasty... More RRR EEE!!


Thumper PSVR2 Review | TheSixthAxis

Thumper remains a true VR classic, and its upgrade for PSVR2 makes it the best place to experience its violent audio charms.

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darthv72367d ago

Got this a couple months ago and as a first time player... i was blown away at how good this is. Really cool.

Petebloodyonion366d ago

it's quite a blast to play and the upgrade cost is quite acceptable if you already have the PSVR game.

z2g367d ago

This is the game I have spent the most time on in psvr2. It’s fantastic. It also highlights my problem with psvr2. This game is also awesome on the Quest 2, the og PSVR and various other vr platforms. It’s a badass game and I love it… but I didn’t spend almost $600 to play games I’ve already played for nearly identical experiences. This is unfortunately the majorly of psvr2 games. Don’t get me wrong, they’re some gems but… it’s not a must have.

MIDGETonSTILTS17367d ago

As someone who didn’t buy a VR headset until I found a future-proof rig, I’m quite happy.

The tech feels like a bargain compared to other options. You can spend a lot more money and get a top of the line wireless rig, or you can save a few bucks and miss out on haptic feedback in the headset, OLED screens, and adaptive triggers.