Blue Dragon the next Yu-Gi-Oh ?

TVGB: "It's great to see an original IP doing well, especially when it challenges the norm. Blue Dragon may not have been the most original RPG ever, but with a stellar team behind it - Akira Toriyama, the famed creator of Dragon Ball Z and character designer for such games as Dragon Quest and Chrono Trigger (oh yeah!), Nobuo Uematsu, the composer for Final Fantasy, and Hironobu Sakaguchi, the original developer of Final Fantasy - this one managed to boost sales of the Xbox 360 in its often indifferent Japanese market."

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foodbox3705d ago

Blue Dragon is a terrific game, set in an inventive game world. With wonderful art direction and music.

I can't wait for Blue Dragon 2.

nieto3705d ago

wonderful music? are you crazy? the music couldn't suck more.

and terrific? have you ever play a Jrpg in your life?

"inventive game world. With wonderful art direction"

i give you that...

Harry1903705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

,but YUGIOH level of popularity...I seriously doubt.

Covenant3705d ago

I agree...I've enjoyed the original, and I think it could be a solid franchise. I'm certainly looking forward to another BD game.

But Yu-Gi-Oh level of popularity? Probably not.

hotrider123705d ago

I dont think it'll be popular as yu-gi-oh not even yu-gi-oh 5D's thats coming out in u.s.a in sept.
by the way that guy in yu-gi-oh 5D's look like abit of jaden and atem
yami yu-gi mix together

Immortal Kaim3705d ago

Is the anime out in the US? Cause I have never seen it in Aus...

Bnet3433705d ago

yeah they give it on Cartoon Network Saturdays at 10 PM or 9 AM mornings

badz1493705d ago

there are a lot of them online

Tacki3705d ago

Cue random Yugioh video.

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