'Cyberpunk 2077' News: CD Projekt RED Overhauling Dev Tools Before Official Work Begins

'Cyberpunk 2077' is about to enter serious development, but not before CD Projekt Red can upgrade its dev tools.

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Kalebninja2869d ago

Who else is absolutely depressed this game is just now starting development?

fenome2869d ago

I am, that's for sure. I was really hoping for another teaser at E3. Now if we do get one it'll just be some CG thing that was made separately for that.. I really thought they were further in than this.

A little part inside of me wants to hope they're just trolling us, but I'm not getting my hopes up on that.

kmeck5182868d ago

Was really hoping to see some more of this game at E3 this year too!

Drithe2869d ago

I am going to forget about this game and 3 years from now I will be surprised and happy it is here. :)

VJGenova2869d ago

So, maybe we will see a release by 2077!

All honesty, hope they take their time and make it amazing! Love witcher 1-3 but definitely looking forward to the new setting.

hirobrotagonist2869d ago

CDPR are awesome, hands down. But, they really made a huge mistake revealing this game so long ago when they hadn't even started working on it yet..Oh well, I look forward to it. Maybe it'll come out in the same year as the next Elder Scrolls and the Last Guardian!

Lamboomington2868d ago

I don't know if that's really the case. It's probably further along in development than this article makes you think. The dev said a lot about improving tools and feedback and so on. That's always the case, and always an ongoing process.

The game is nowhere close to done, I think, but still, it's not like they're just starting or anything.

Majister-Ludi2868d ago

Seriously that's what I'm screaming. We will be lucky to have this game before 2019. Hire some more people for God's sake.

EazyC2868d ago

Gutted but I think this might be an era defining game. CDPR can only go from strength to strength.

seanpitt232868d ago

So this game will come out on the ps4 neo and other mid gen upgraded consoles. At least it will be 1080p @ 60fps the old hardware will be 1080p @ 30fps. The witcher 3 was a masterpiece even playing on my ps4 at 30fps but at least we have a option playing cyberpunk at 60fps on consoles now

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war boy2869d ago

What! they announce this game back in 2012, It Justin development now? I can't take the waiting I might go insane

Junior45652868d ago

Well they maybe got all the art design finished, level design, and other pre production out of the way so have hope

ApolloTheBoss2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

Are you serious? This is my MOST anticipated game and it's still not finished? Why did they announce it four years ago with almost nothing to show for it?

medman2868d ago

It is pretty baffling...I can only hope this news is way off the mark and the game is a good ways into development. Otherwise we aren't seeing it until 2018 at the earliest. Shame.

Paytaa2868d ago

Yeah this is mine too. Really sucks that it is so far off now. Wouldn't be surprised if this ends up a next-gen game.

2868d ago
_-EDMIX-_2868d ago

Because they need the money they don't have the luxury of developing a game in silence they need to get funding they need to get support so they need to create that hype and excitement to show lenders that the excitement is warranted for them to lend money for development.

I mean some of you guys don't really get it but games are not made for free when these guys are developing this game they're not getting paid any money and they have to find a way to pay their staff especially those hired in certain phases of the game where they have to contract a bunch of outside sources.

Who is going to lend money to a secret game? Not much.

I think considering their situation they are correct to already start marketing before they start making the game.

They are not in a situation like Bethesda where Bethesda already deeply established and they own several other teams they have the money to develop in silence for quite a while but other smaller teams like I said do not have that luxury.

pompombrum2868d ago

Remember CD Projekt Red are an independent studio. They probably don't have the resources to work on multiple projects at once. This is most likely the downside of them actually doing DLC properly, they're focusing their resources on that as opposed to the big publishers who probably have half the DLC done by launch and then assign a small percentage of their resources to finishing it.

letsgopal2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

It wasn't... It was just a teaser to invite developers from the world to come to Poland and work with them. Even Irwiński said this.

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jstark2869d ago

this game isnt coming till next gen im calling it

MegaRay2868d ago

Its coming mid next-generation. Exclusively for PS5.5

OoglyBoogly2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

LOL! I know that CDPR is like a God in the gaming world but if they're just now starting development after announcing it FOUR YEARS AGO then this is just sad. Four years is enough time for even major games to get finished so the fact that they haven't even started is just bizarre.

What was the point of the CGI teaser and announcing it forever ago? Perhaps they have a lot of the assets stuff done like models, buildings, voice over work, etc they're just waiting for better tools to put it all together? I mean, if they literally barely have anything finished then, yeah, WTF.

5p4c3d2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

Wouldn't say pathetic, but it's definitely disappointing. I hate CGI trailers too, but i guess it served their purpose of hyping the game. I hope you're right about the assets though cuz i don't want to wait another 4 years :'(

Lamboomington2868d ago

They did start development all the way back then, but obviously the majority of the team was working on The Witcher 3. Throw in the fact that The Witcher 3 was delayed, and the then you've got two big expansions as well.

Also, it seems pretty clear that the scope for Cyberpunk 2077 changed somewhere along the way. The project is now a lot more ambitious than what it was.