Those PS3s Sales Look Sluggish In Japan!

The PS3 ain't exactly flying off the shelf. Sony hit Japan with a huge year-end shipment (one of the biggest since launch apparently). The Wii was nowhere to be seen and sold out at multiple location. And the PS3? Both 20GB and 60GB units remained unsold. Hit the jump for more pics of pricey Sony consoles looking for a good home.

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The great 15244d ago

Such BS, in the end these BS articles will mean nothing when Sony takes over.

likeaboss3025244d ago

Look it's not BS. The PS3 will probably end up being a good system in about a year. However at $499 and $599 it's not going to fly off the shelf as fast as the other two consoles. That is a lot of money still for most people. The casual gamer isn't going to drop that much for a console. PS3's are sitting on the shelf in just about every store in my area. I had one for about a week, beat Resistance and sold it to a friend. I'll pick one up when they have some better games this year.

power0919995244d ago

... but I have to agree here.

Just 3 days ago I walked into EBGames, and sure enough they had 5 60GB PS3's in stock.

I of course was surprised, and was ready to hand over the dough. Then I looked at the games on the wall.

I ended up walking out with a Xbox 360.

Don't get me wrong, I will still get a PS3, but I need to get a bit more bang for my buck, than R:FOM right now.

Probably around the March area, or when the Europe lauch kicks off.

calderra5244d ago

Xbox 360 wasn't available like this until March, or even April in a lot of areas. And its eBay prices- even for bundled packs- were still massive at this time after its launch.

In fact, the Wii still sells for a better profit margin (greather than $0) on eBay at this point.

super bill5244d ago

bye bye bye sony and the ps3.give up now you know you lost to the superier console the 360.what a wasted of money the ps3 is.they know they sony are in trouble thats why ken kutarghi was move news ive heard in ages and its looking bad for that delayedstation

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The story is too old to be commented.