Big Games, Big Trouble?

Even the year's biggest games have flaws, so before you spend all that cash, consider these potentially damaging issues.

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chaosatom3703d ago

really desperate for big hits.

cahill3703d ago

seriously that website is self destructing

Real Gambler3703d ago

They are desesperate for hits. And I think it's the same guy saying that user created content is bad all over again. (No signature though... so again, not very credible).

Sure, any game can flop, but if Little Big Planet, Guitar Hero and Spore flop, it won't be because of user created content. People still play Unreal Tournament and Counter Strike today because of it. Sure there will be some junk, but I'll gladly sort through the junk for some fine jewels, rather than having to wait and pay for the odd dev map/mod/creature anydays.

They got my hit again today, hoping I would find an intelligent article, but dang, it's still the good old Gamedaily piece of s....

Qbanboi3703d ago

lol come on. You know that when the title is "Big Games, Big Trouble" and the first game on the list is LBP, is clear that all they're looking for are hits.

CrippleH3703d ago

Gamedaily and Gamesradar = desperate for hits.

MIKEY12233702d ago

hey gamesradar is my favourite gaming site
so stfu

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CViper3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

Didn't notice any 360 exclusives there, not even Gears... hmm.. thats so interesting.

Downplaying LBP is like trying to downplay gravity.

someone needs to get a list of sites that are all clearly biased and post them so i know not to give them my traffic again. I always forget about gamedaily because their website is decent.


all can't seem to wrap their minds around respecting both consoles imo.

r2kcipher3703d ago

either u didnt list cause its way too obvious. or cause its more of a tv channel. either way stay clear of that one.

beavis4play3703d ago

i guess gears 2, viva pinata:TiP and fable 2 are beyound criticism? end sarcasm

juuken3703d ago

FailDaily strikes again!

cahill3703d ago

Gamedaily has flopped

LOL at Chris Bufff

kek kek kek

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

Big Games, Big Trouble?

'Even the year's biggest games have flaws(Too Human,Too Many), so before you spend all that cash(On a xBox 360+xBox LIVE), consider these potentially damaging issues(RRoD+House FIRE) ;-D

No wonder Cute;)Sack-boy in that Photo has put a Box over his Head!!! He's heard enough SH*T off this and other sites to last him a Life-time!!! :-/

SmokeyMcBear3703d ago

jesus h christ you guys.. this has already been submitted, and villified

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The story is too old to be commented.